Mariners can do no wrong, keep on winning

Yes, even Carlos is tolerable.
Yes, even Carlos is tolerable.

These days, even when the Mariners screw up, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Carlos Silva gives up a home run, and you shrug your shoulders.

Yuniesky Betancourt takes a first pitch strike (a good thing), then a second pitch strike (a bad thing), then flails on a curveball for strike three and you can’t help but laugh. The expression on his face after strike two was priceless, as if he questioned his own sanity in letting two baseballs get past his Louisville Slugger.

The good ship Mariner is a Utopian world of wonder these days as this team can seemingly do no wrong. Instead of meeting the low expectations placed upon them out of the gate, our hometown nine continue to impress everyone by winning baseball games. And in doing so, they maintain an ever-growing lead in the American League West.

The early-season wins are important. This team will likely run into a pitfall or two as spring transitions into summer. A padded cushion in the standings now, means relative safety when the club hits its first losing streak.

In the interim, we can continue to appreciate the hot start and dream of October baseball. It’s been eight years, but less than one month into the season, we’re already thinking playoffs. I love it.

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