Hawks follow up strong Saturday with frustrating Sunday

Deon Butler
Deon Butler

Let’s cut through the crap.

One day after hitting a metaphorical grand slam with the first two rounds of the NFL Draft, the Seahawks responded in the final five rounds by striking out. Or getting hit by a pitch, at the very best.

Here’s what went down, in chronological, no bullshit order:

  • The Hawks kick off the day by trading away a 2009 fifth-round pick, 2009 seventh-round pick, and 2010 third-round pick for the right to move up in the third round and draft WR Deon Butler. Butler is a 5’10”, 180 pound speedster in the mold of a quicker Deion Branch. Good, yes, but not exactly filling a need on this current ballclub.
  • Already without a fourth-round pick, and having just traded away their fifth-rounder, the Hawks have to wait until round six before their next selection. With that pick, they draft Rutgers QB Mike Teel. Not exactly Mark Sanchez, and again, a seemingly wasted need on this current ballclub. This is David Greene all over again, but worse. Teel will be lucky to secure the third QB slot.
  • With three compensatory selection in the seventh round, the Hawks draft Rutgers S Courtney Greene, Oregon (ugh) DE Nick Reed, and Cal TE Cameron Morrah. Nothing to write home about.

To cap off the day, the Seahawks announced that they had removed the franchise tag from LB Leroy Hill. The move made Hill a free agent, and able to sign with any team of his choosing. Just an odd move that doesn’t make much sense at the current time.

We, as fans, have questions. The Hawks will likely respond with hype, promotional fanfare, and the typical garbage that teams spew when they’re trying to appease the localites.

I’m not happy about Sunday, and I hope you aren’t either. This team filled no immediate needs on the draft’s second day, and seemingly created a hole by de-tagging Hill. Damn.

Good luck, Tim Ruskell. You’re going to need it.

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