Welcome To Mel Kiper’s Nightmare

nfldraftIt’s NFL Draft Day, 2009. The day Mel Kiper, Jr. is proven wrong for hours on end.

Not unlike a Hawaiian meteorologist awaking to a pounding rainstorm, Kiper is forced to sit idly by and witness all his projections go down the crapper as teams metaphorically kick him in the nutsack by selecting players that ESPN’s resident draft guru never saw coming.

Yes, it’s kind of like that.

Enjoy the day. Go Hawks!

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Mel Kiper’s Nightmare”

  1. I can’t wait until the Mark Sanche love fest is proven wrong. Sanchez is going to flop, and I’m calling it now. USC’s QBs are overhyped. When you’re surrounded with the talent they have, you better succeed. I don’t want a QB with a Chad Pennington arm. He got the benefit of coming out of college in a horribly weak QB class. If Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford had come out, he would have been the fourth or fifth QB taken. Basically, he would have been a second or third round pick. He’s horribly overrated, he’s this years… Matt Leinart.

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