Aaron Curry, you gotta love this guy

aaroncurryWhen I heard that the Seahawks had drafted Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry with the fourth overall pick in yesterday’s NFL Draft, I nearly peed my pants.

Curry wasn’t supposed to be available at No. 4. He was supposed to be gone. The Hawks were supposed to draft receiver Michael Crabtree, or quarterback Mark Sanchez, or one of a host of offensive tackles.

Instead, they received a blessing in the form of a player that ESPN calls “the complete package.”

A guy who is big, strong, quick, and has his mind right, too.

A four-year starter in college that did not miss a single game.

A guy with enough character to invite Bryson Merriweather, a 12-year-old battling leukemia, to accompany him at yesterday’s draft.

The same guy who stayed a fourth and final year at Wake Forest at his mother’s request, despite the fact that she had been evicted from her residence.

Aaron Curry is it. He doesn’t just have it, he is it. And you have to love that. Let’s get this new era started. Welcome to Seattle, Aaron Curry.

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