Roy Corcoran Is The Man

corcoranPick any pitcher in the Seattle Mariners’ bullpen and you can find a number of reasons why that guy is especially likable.

Sabermetricians drool over right-hander Shawn Kelley because the man throws strikes like a machine.

The casual fan can appreciate closer Brandon Morrow’s 100-mile-per-hour fastball.

Those fans who consider themselves cultured in the arts might worship at the altar of long reliever/spot starter/occasional closer/saxophonist/novelist Miguel Batista.

But I’m different. I like Roy Corcoran.

There are really two things I truly appreciate about Roy: his voice, and his attitude.

And he’s a pretty decent pitcher, too, but that’s just icing on the cake.

corcoran2Let’s talk about Roy’s voice first. It’s just plain awesome. If you’ve never heard the man talk, I highly encourage you to do so at some point.

The 28-year-old Corcoran is from the south (Louisiana to be precise), and his accent is so dag-gum strong that you might think he’s speaking in another language at first. Remember the Adam Sandler movie The Waterboy? Corcoran would fit right into that whole bayou backwoods atmosphere without a hitch. Gotta love it.

Then there’s his bulldog mentality. Listed at 5’10”, 185 pounds, Roy might not be the biggest guy in the world, but if I was in a fight, I’d want no one else to have my back (except maybe The Rock). The dude is fearless, and brings that no-holds-barred attitude to the mound with each appearance.

On top of all that, Roy comes across as a real cool customer, the type of guy you can sit down and have a beer with while discussing life. I once heard an interview with the man where he divulged details about some of the stranger foods he had eaten over the course of his life, such as alligator. You have to appreciate a story like that.

Roy doesn’t have any homemade banners proclaiming his greatness at Safeco Field. He doesn’t have his own replica jersey shirt on sale at the team shop. He doesn’t even have a full season of big-league ball under his belt just yet.

But he has all the qualities you’d want to find in a baseball player–his strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and the testicular fortitude to challenge Major League hitters with fastballs while protecting a slim lead–and for that he has earned my respect.

Consider this the new home of the unofficial Roy Corcoran Fan Club.

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