Why it makes sense to move the Apple Cup, and other musings

Editor’s Note: Every now and then we like to solicit the differing opinions of outside voices, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of our newest correspondent, the Devil’s Advocate. We’ll check in with D.A. on a weekly basis and see what’s going through his mind.

How 'bout them apples?
How 'bout them apples?

Husky Stadium is falling down. Martin Stadium is a glorified cow pasture. Qwest Field represents all that is right with America. If the Sounders can play there, shouldn’t Seattle’s nicest stadium be good enough for the second-rate Apple Cup? It’s not the Superbowl, people, it’s a college football game.

In this crap economy, major corporations need your money to stay afloat. Are you going to step up to the plate and help the rich and powerful piece together their trust funds, or sit back and smugly pretend like you’re doing something with that t-shirt you made protesting the changing of the times?

Get with it, next topic.

Stephen A. Smith is leaving ESPN and it hurts me inside.

I need to hear those words of acutely loud wisdom, quite frankly, and can’t live without seeing that gigantic forehead and quickly receding hairline on my 60-inch plasma. Homeboy went to the negotiating table asking for a raise and ESPN wouldn’t give it to him, so he did what any good man who uses his middle initial as part of his name would do and told them to shove it.

Good for Stephen A. I look forward to his new talk show on BET 2 come summer time, Keepin’ It Real With Stephen A. Smith, Ya Heard? Featuring Nick Cannon.

Moving on….

John Madden’s retiring and I couldn’t be happier. All this talk about the best sportscaster in history, blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to hear about Brett Favre anymore, and I’m certainly doing just fine with my copy of Tecmo Bowl for NES. Give me Cris Collinsworth and Bob Costas any day of the week.

Plus this effectively ends the career of Frank Caliendo, who was funny until he started doing impressions of people besides Madden. Sometimes you just have to know when to stop, and for Caliendo, that time was about two years ago.

The Seattle P.I. just launched their biggest money-making venture yet, SeattlePostGlobe.org, and it’s sad. A blog that asks you to donate? This isn’t the Soviet Union. Stop living in the past, PostGlobers.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week.


The Devil’s Advocate

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