2009 Bigger Dance: Sweet 16

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

We’ve run through all 32 first round games, all 16 second round contests, and now we’ve moved on to the Sweet 16. Eight matchups with ever-increasing implications. It’s crunch time now. Get over to 950KJR.com and fill out your bracket ASAP.

Jessica Simpson vs. Megan Fox. On the surface, this looks like a tough call. Simpson has always been a force in the Bigger Dance, while Fox is a relative newcomer. That said, Fox is also one of the biggest names in this year’s tourney, and the likely favorite to upset three-time champ Jessica Alba. Just the first in a line of Jessicas that Fox runs through, the Transformers star moves on and advances to the Elite Eight.

Alessandra Ambrosio vs. Keeley Hazell. It’s a wonder that this pair of semi-unknowns have managed two victories thus far, but only will make it into the next round. Give that ticket to Hazell and let her punch it. Neither one of these two will make it past the Elite Eight, but you have to like the physical make up of Hazell over her competition in Ambrosio.

Jessica Biel vs. Adriana Lima. One thing this contest has bred over the years is a love of the name “Jessica.” That means that Adriana Lima will have a tough time displacing one of three Jessicas in this year’s Sweet 16. We like Lima, but you can’t vote against the big name in Biel. The former 7th Heaven star is on her way to the quarterfinals.

Eva Mendes vs. Gisele Bundchen. Eventually, you have to figure that being married to the likes of Tom Brady will come back and haunt you in the eyes of your Average American Joe. That just so happens to be the case in this matchup for Gisele Bundchen, who will find that Eva Mendes has the fortitude to launch an all-out blitz on this lady of the gridiron. Mendes rolls.

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews

Scarlett Johansson vs. Erin Andrews. Vote with your head, not your heart. Like we’ve said before, all that is out the window with Erin Andrews in play. Johansson can bag Andrews’ groceries for all we care, just give the sideline reporter the W. Once again, we like Andrews, aka Ms. ESPN, herself, to move on.

Angelina Jolie vs. Jessica Alba. Every year, Jolie gets to about the Sweet 16 before falling victim to the Female Factor. That would be the vote of the women, who rarely, if ever, cast their ballot for Mrs. Pitt for any number of reasons. She’s not that hot, what’s up with her lips, she stole Brad from Jen, the list goes on. Either way, this is that moment when Jolie once again fails to make a deep run into the tourney. Alba advances.

Marisa Miller vs. Maria Sharapova. This might be the easiest pick of the Sweet 16. Sharapova just isn’t that hot, and yet she always find a way into the later rounds of the Bigger Dance. Marisa Miller, on the other hand, is pretty hot, and has what it takes to edge the tennis star. Advantage Miller, as the supermodel moves on.

Carrie Underwood vs. Eva Longoria. A tough one, as Underwood may just have what it takes to win the difficult matchup this year. However, Longoria has been a stalwart of the tournament over the years and will not go down without a fight. We tend to side with big-game experiences in cases like these, and Eva has that. Give this one to Longoria in a very close battle.

3 thoughts on “2009 Bigger Dance: Sweet 16”

  1. Do you know how awkward it is for a girl to log onto this site with all those pictures of women up?

    Just saying…

  2. Thank you goforpurple I feel this site is turning into something besides sports….and not many comments have been left, perhaps you are losing the interest of your readers???

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