SSN Is Your Home For Bigger Dance Analysis

kjrYour NCAA Tournament bracket was busted after the first weekend.  So if you’re like most Seattleites, you’ve been looking forward to 950 KJR’s Bigger Dance for at least two weeks now.

This is the chance to redeem yourself after that miserable bracket you came up with not one month ago.  It’s Selection Tuesday around these parts now, and before the day is done, KJR will have released their official Bigger Dance bracket, pairing 64 of the world’s most beautiful women across 32 matchups in a tournament-style showdown to crown the Queen of the Hardwood.

Here at Seattle Sportsnet, we’re your home for Bigger Dance analysis.  We’ll break down the matchups before they happen and get you on the inside track to winning Seattle’s biggest office pool.

All our writers, editors, and contributors have been taking part in the Bigger Dance for a number of years, and if there’s one thing we know besides sports, it’s good-looking female celebrities.

So join us as we provide insight to the 2009 Bigger Dance.  We might not make you a winner, but at least we’ll keep you entertained along the way.  Head to for all the details and to fill out your bracket.

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