710 ESPN kicks off first day by mugging KJR

johnclayton1Longtime 950 KJR radio personality John Clayton is moving his Sports Saturday show to Seattle’s newest sports talk station.

At 3:10 PM today, the new 710 ESPN KIRO radio announced that Clayton would be making the move from KJR to ESPN, a “big announcement” that had been teased all afternoon.

In addition to Clayton’s duties at KJR, he is perhaps better known to most sports fans as ESPN’s NFL insider, dubbed “The Professor” for his vast knowledge of pro football.

Though Clayton has become a national personality thanks to his frequent television spots on ESPN, he has been an anchor for KJR’s weekend lineup.  Seattle’s only sports radio station before today, KJR fills most of its weekend airtime with nationally syndicated programming, making Clayton’s locally broadcast Saturday morning a staple for the network.

Sports Saturday is known for a bevy of regular listeners and frequent repeat callers who will likely follow Clayton down the dial.

Clayton’s hoist from KJR is a major coup for the new kids on the block, 710 ESPN.  Armed with only two local shows prior to The Professor’s employment (Brock Huard with Mike Salk, and Kevin Calabro), the new sports talk station should be able to pull a number of listeners away from KJR on Saturday mornings.

2 thoughts on “710 ESPN kicks off first day by mugging KJR”

  1. Have you tried listening to Mike Salk? Terrible radio. Calabro is only good when he is excited, he is a fabulous play-by-play guy, but his talk show is not so good. Huard is the bright spot in the lineup….if Salk would let him talk once in a while!!!!

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