DeJuan Blair is chubby

You can't see it from this angle, but there's a cheeseburger on the rim.
You can't see it from this angle, but there's a cheeseburger on the rim.

Can we all agree now that DeJuan Blair can best be summed up as “chubby?”  I’m chubby.  I know chubby.  DeJuan Blair is chubby.  Some might even say he’s fat.  For God’s sake, the guy has moobs.  That should be evidence enough.

Forget the stats, Blair’s season can be summed up in one single play.  In the final seconds of Pitt’s matchup with Villanova, Blair allowed his team to lose the game.  As ‘Nova guard Scottie Reynolds motored past him on the way to the game-winning basket, the lazy Blair flung an arm in Reynolds’ direction in a half-hearted attempt at defense.  The sophomore forward’s effort screamed, “It’s nap time, right after I eat this cake.”  Here you are playing for a trip to the Final Four, and all you can do is try and stop the game-winning shot by sticking one of your jelly doughnut-loving hands in the direction of the man who will ultimately become a hero?  Fatty!

If DeJuan Blair makes it to the NBA — which, arguably will be tough, seeing as how he’s listed at 6’7″, 265 lbs — he’ll be an undersized Oliver Miller.  The kind of player that is one bucket of chicken away from being waived.  The kind of guy that becomes the butt of jokes on SportsCenter.  The kind of guy with all the talent in the world, but no will to work hard and capitalize on it all.  Right now, I’m disappointed.  I’m disappointed in DeJuan Blair for having the physical gifts to succeed at basketball, while all the average guys like me don’t get that opportunity.  DeJuan Blair, what a chubby waste of space.

4 thoughts on “DeJuan Blair is chubby”

  1. Alex I disagree with you on this. The reason why the game was lost at the end is because the Pitt defender trailed Reynolds on the hook and ladder play instead of sagging waiting to pick him up at 3/4 court and let him run by him. You would think that a 6’0″ guard would then have the quickness advantage over 6’7″ 270 Blair in the open court wouldn’t you. Blair was the only reason they were in the game and scored about everytime he caught the ball within 10 ft of the basket.

  2. Well a double-double is a nice way to start your NBA career. 14 points and 11 boards – chubby or not, he will be a beast in the NBA.

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