Video: Racism exists. Just ask Ryan Moats.

Houston Texans backup running back Ryan Moats should be praised for his handling of a sad and unfortunate situation that occurred over the weekend.  Moats was pulled over by a Dallas police officer for a minor traffic infraction as he rushed to an area hospital where his mother-in-law lay dying.

The officer, as evidenced by these videos taken from the vehicle dashboard camera, was not only insensitive to Moats’ pleas for leniency, he was inhumane, hateful, and bordering on racist.  At one point, the officer drew his gun.  At another, he told Moats that he could “screw him over.”

Instead of fighting back, the NFL player responded in polite fashion as his mother-in-law passed.  Just a horrible incident.  Hopefully the Dallas PD does the right thing and cuts all ties with this jerkoff who shouldn’t be enforcing the law in any capacity.

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