Jordan ads are all fun and games ’til someone gets hurt

That someone would be Husky fans, who, on this first day of NCAA Tournament action, have been forced to watch a Jordan brand commercial featuring Richard Hamilton, Khalid El-Amin, and the Connecticut team that defeated Washington in the 1998 Sweet 16 all day long.  Our condolences are shared by Georgetown fans, who have witnessed a similar commercial featuring Ray Allen and his UConn team defeating Allen Iverson’s Hoyas in the ’96 Tourney (interesting, considering Iverson is sponsored by rival Reebok). 

Jordan ads have never been hurtful, until now.  Is it really necessary to defame the good names of both Georgetown and Washington simply for the sake of selling shoes?  Last I checked, Jordans were selling nicely without these unfortunate ads, and everyone was getting along nicely.  Now, however, Jordan and Nike have done their best to irritate fans of both the victimized schools, despite the fact that both schools have sponsorships with, guess who, Nike.  That’s just cold.  My heart hurts.

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