R.I.P., Seattle P-I

piglobe1It’s a sad day when an institution like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer closes its doors.  No matter your feelings on their work, the P-I has been around for well over a century and has remained a fixture in this city and on local newsstands throughout that duration.  The newspaper has been iconic and has worked in partnership with The Seattle Times to provide this city outstanding reporting and commentary since 1863.  Yes, they will still be providing news online, at SeattlePI.com, but having just one local newspaper delivered to your doorstep or available on the rack at a grocery store will be odd.

As a kid, I hand delivered copies of the Times throughout my neighborhood, and made a habit of checking box scores and transactions in the sports section each and every day.  For many of us, the newspaper is still a valued resource when it comes to news, and watching this industry crumble before us is disheartening, to say the least.  We’ve allowed the internet to become our primary news source, with up-to-the-second reports and mercurial commentary that could never reach the pages of a paper.  That’s just the way our world works now, be it good or bad.

Regardless, I feel for the good people at the P-I who lost their jobs today.  Even Cougar homer Jim Moore, who if you haven’t had the pleasure of talking to, is actually a really nice guy.  This is a sad day in the city of Seattle, and I only hope that things can get better with time.

One thought on “R.I.P., Seattle P-I”

  1. Getting our news off the internet limits us. Most people will only read what interests them be it sports, fashion, gossip etc. When you sit down with a newspaper you are drawn to stories that would never get a click out of you on the internet. Our focus and interests become narrower when we use the internet for all our news. To be able to peruse a paper and end up reading and educating ourselves on much more than stocks or local news broadens us as human beings. I mourn for the loss of newspapers.

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