Our team is more fashionable than your team

Notice anything different about the Huskies’ attire at the Selection Sunday ceremony?  Yes, they were wearing sweatsuits.  Yes, they all matched.  No, that wasn’t your ordinary sweatsuit material.  That was, in fact, velour.  Yes, velour.  Nothing says fashion like matching velour sweatsuits.

UW players celebrate their #4 seed in velour sweats.  Courtesy Dean Rutz/Seattle Times.
UW players celebrate their #4 seed in velour sweats. Courtesy Dean Rutz/Seattle Times.

The Dawgs have always been up on the trends.  You may remember back in 2004 when they wore the Retro Jordan XIII as a team shoe (White/Wheat color scheme), perhaps the only non-sponsored Jordan team to rock the J’s.  Now they’ve taken the luxury gear and applied it to their warmups.  It’s straight ballin’.  Your team can’t keep up with this.

8 thoughts on “Our team is more fashionable than your team”

  1. When they came walking into the DJC yesterday wearing those I pretty much starting drooling, those things are fucking sharp as fuck!

  2. JD has been wearing that after coming out of the locker room all season and I think we all make comments about how awesome they are every single time. Here is a post from someone on Dawgman.com regarding those sweatsuits:

    “For those who care, I spoke to the basketball equipment manager and he confirmed that they are team issue only.


    I emailed the Official team store and got this response….

    Dear Mr. Robinson,

    There was a great deal of interest in the warm ups that they wore. We are checking with Nike to see if this product is avaialable for the retail market. We do not currently have it in stock.


    Terry Walcutt
    Husky Team Shop

    Fingers crossed. I want to throw my dubs up in a velvet pimp suit!”

  3. Artem’s was different… his jacket was not velor. And the number style was different. I wonder if he was wearing an older edition.

  4. NATE! I did not give you express written consent to post my email. I will be suing your website for everything you have.

    Unless you can get me a Velour pimp suit.

    Then we’re cool… er pimps.

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