Trojans pull out victory, explode on ASU

I’m glad Arizona State lost to USC.  We don’t need Sun Devil fans getting too high and mighty on us, plus this guarantees we’ll send at least five teams to the NCAA Tournament (Washington, UCLA, USC, California….and, uh, the fifth team is escaping me at the moment).

I don’t really have anything else to add.  Just happy that ASU lost, and hope we can all celebrate sending an extra team to the tourney.  Go Dawgs!

3 thoughts on “Trojans pull out victory, explode on ASU”

  1. Don’t forget the possibility (however remote) that Arizona gets in on name recognition.

    So, in a “down” year in Pac-10, we could potentially have the same number of teams in the dance as last year – a year which produced many first round NBA draft picks.

    Plus, 2-3 Pac-10 teams will get NIT bids. And Craig Robinson (who is related to Obama by marriage!) said that the CBI had been in contact with Oregon St. What? 9 teams in post-season competition? (Again, same as last year.)

  2. This is all Oregon’s fault, of course. If they didn’t suck so badly, we’d have all 10 of our teams in postseason competition. Damn you, Ernesto.

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