Sponsoring Russell Westbrook

I own you.
I own you.

I was reading Bill Simmons’ mailbag on ESPN yesterday, when I stumbled upon the greatest idea ever.  Take a look for yourself:

Q: This is a little bit closely related to your holiday gifts column only with a spin: How about sponsoring Mike Dunleavy’s page on basketball-reference.com and making a sarcastic comment about him on it? Hey, its only 10 bucks.
— Bilal, Boston

SG: Done and done. What’s sad is I spent a solid 45 minutes crafting the right testimonial before finally settling on what I wrote. Any time you can spend 10 bucks to sponsor the Undertaker, you have to do it.

This gave me my GIE.  I thought, what I need to do is sponsor an NBA player on basketball-reference.com using Seattle Sportsnet.  Then, I thought, that player needs to be on the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Why?  Because how awesome would it be as a Sonics fan, to witness a Thunder fan head to the page of one of their hometown heroes, only to find a one-liner bashing their team.  Yes, I thought, this will be perfect.

Quickly, I conspired with a friend.  Which player should we sponsor?  It needed to be someone who had a contract that ran for a few more years, and someone who was good enough to warrant page views.  Kevin Durant, we thought.  But he was already sponsored.  Jeff Green, maybe, but he wasn’t that cool.  Then we landed on it.  Russell Westbrook.  Rookie, no ties to Seattle, multi-year contract, first-round pick.  He fit all our criteria and then some.  I checked his player page….no sponsorship!  This was serendipitous.

I forked over the ad money and began working on the line.  I came up with about fifty ideas before settling on one that sums it up rather nicely.  Now, I’m just waiting for approval.  These sorts of things can take up to 24 hours, according to the folks at basketball-reference.com.  So the ad isn’t up quite yet, but it will be, and you’ll be able to find it HERE.  Seattle Sportsnet has the rights to Westbrook’s page for the next year, meaning we’ll need numerous contributions to keep the ad updated over the next 365 days.  I’m thinking maybe some kind of weekly contest, something to get everyone involved and really rile the Okies.  I’m not gonna lie, I hate the Oklahoma City Thunder, and I know you do too.  We’re in this thing together and it’s going to be great.  Enjoy it, Seattle!

One thought on “Sponsoring Russell Westbrook”

  1. SeattleSportsnet.com sponsor(s) this page.

    Visit Seattle Sportsnet, where we won’t steal your soul like Clay Bennett and his merry band of thieves.

    Well Played Alex!

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