Whoa, Courtney Paris…where are you getting your money?

Courtney Paris, forward (or “post,” as they like to call it in the ladies’ game) for the University of Oklahoma Women’s Basketball team, has stated that she’ll pay back her entire scholarship for the season if her Sooners fail to win this year’s National Championship.  The scholarship is valued at around $64,000, which makes you wonder whether Paris has a Swiss bank account, deals the world’s best crack, or possibly dabbles in infidelities of the evening.

Hello, crazy lady
Hello, crazy lady

I can’t think of too many drunk millionaires who would be willing to put that much money on a women’s basketball championship, let alone a broke college student.  Even if Paris heads to the WNBA one day, that will be like fifty years salary for her.  After Oklahoma gets beat by an undefeated UConn team, maybe Paris can work out some sort of payment plan with her school.

Of course, if Oklahoma does win the championship, let’s just hope that some booster somewhere will be willing to match Paris’s generous wager.

3 thoughts on “Whoa, Courtney Paris…where are you getting your money?”

  1. Although I do like your alternatives, I think if she really ran into a squeeze on the funds, she can ask dad. He only played for the 49ers for a dozen years, so he had to make some scratch in that time.

  2. Old-school former NFL players would have you believe they made no money during their time in the league, however. So who knows where they stand financially.

  3. Not this one. Everyone in the Bay knows Bubba Paris & also knows that he’s got plenty of cash to spare.

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