"Maybe if I put my hands down here they won't see my boner."
"Maybe if I put my hands down here they won't see my boner."

Message boards are a fun place to engage in witty banter with other fans, unless that message board is is a part of the network, a group of websites devoted to college sports and recruiting, among other things. is another member site in this network, and is easily the most populated Husky message board currently in operation. Both and offer both free and premium (i.e. not free) content.  For the most part, you can have a pretty enjoyable experience on either of these websites without giving up a dime.

Well, kind of.  You see, throughout this network of message boards (of which there is one for every Pac-10 school and beyond), only one board takes a strong dislike to outsiders and their opinions:  Unlike and the eight other Pac-10 websites, is known for their penchant to ban anyone and everyone who doesn’t share a love of crimson and gray with the rest of the Kool-Aid drinkers on their propoganda machine.  In fact, many of the more witty Cougar fans have been forced to head on over to the likes of in order to engage in quality back-and-forth conversations with fans from other teams.  Because that sort of thing is frowned upon at Cougfan.

"They told me in health class that there'd be blood.  But I've never had it up here before."
"They told me in health class that there'd be blood. But I've never had it up here before."

My personal legacy on Cougfan spans three bans, the last of which came about one year ago.  The first time I was booted, it was only for one week and was a result of a “1000 Post” celebration. patrons who had just made their 1000th post were given the option to ban another user from the board for one week; someone chose me.  The second time I was banned it was for getting a few shots in at Kyle Weaver and his goofy haircut.  That underhanded blow got me sent away for about two weeks before some Cougar fans stuck up for my good name and got me back in.  The third time I was fairly deserving of the ban.  I had only been back on the boards for about a week after my second ban before I got in a one-liner about the state of Wazzu basketball.  That resulted in my permanent removal from

Is it a horrible thing?  No.  But it is interesting that the folks over at Cougfan are so staunchly conservative when it comes to patrolling their boards.  They can do whatever they like, I guess, since it is their webpage, but it seems odd that they would want to turn their universe into a falsely-represented Utopia.  It’s no indictment on most Cougar fans, except the few that have banded together to run Cougfan.  Those guys hide behind monikers like “CrimsonApostle” and “COUGFANcom,” and refuse to reveal their true identities to those of us out there who want someone to blame.  Unlike the good folks at Dawgman, who utilize handles like kimgrinolds (Kim Grinolds), abeach (Aaron Beach), and cfetters (Chris Fetters).  At least we know who’s in charge at the more professional of the two institutions.

"How many guys have I been with before? Two.
"How many guys have I been with before? Two."

If you’ve never checked out, I highly advise you to give it a try.  Go over to their site, register for your free user name, and see how long it takes you to get banned from their message boards.  I realize this is directing traffic to their business, but I heard one of their founders on KJR yesterday and he said they’ve never made a dime off Cougfan.  Leave it to a Coug to run a business and make no money.  Luckily, he can still cash his paycheck from Burger King, so it’s all good.

4 thoughts on “Cougtopia”

  1. I’ve been banned twice from Cougfan. The first was on my very first post. They had a thread started by a Coug about how much their kicker, Romeen Abdullmohamadi, sucked and I just told a story about how I saw him spill nacho cheese on himself at a movie theater in our hometown and come out screaming at the manager demanding that either the nachos or the movie be free while his date was just their crying. That was a year long ban.

    My second ban was a 4 day one where I was discussing prep schools with great civility but someone with their 1000th post celebration chose to ban me…

  2. Hey, I’m a Coug, but I’ve even been banned from CF.c.

    I think I said something about a “Cleveland Steamer” or something.

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