Ladies of Seattle: Sportscaster Edition

Lisa Gangel
Lisa Gangel

Seattle, home to coffee, airplanes, high-tech software, and smokin’ hot sportscasters.  Sorry, Paul Silvi, we’re not talking about you.  This is about the females who populate the local airwaves, the sultry sports goddesses of Emerald City television and radio.  They talk balls, and we’re into that.  More importantly, they give the average local fan a smidgen of a chance, a ray of hope, a glimmer of optimism when it comes to racking up the points with a semi-famous celebrity.

In evaluating the Seattle sports scene, we’ve found four reporters who are more than willing to give it up in the lane and allow you to penetrate their defense. Yeah, right, in our dreams.

Lisa Gangel, KING 5 News. This blonde bombshell is a former college basketball player at the University of Northern Colorado and Lynn University, so we know she’s familiar with scoring.  The ex-point guard stands 5’7″ tall and hails from Kansas City, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude (this is not a joke) from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 2000.

According to an article in the Seattle P-I, the 27-year-old Gangel still plays rec ball in the area and is described as a “pass-first player.”  In the annals of KING 5 backup sportscasters, she’s a clear step above former reserve Carlos del Valle.

Angie Mentink
Angie Mentink

Angie Mentink, FSN. One of two local veterans on our list, Mentink has been with FSN seemingly forever.  She’s gone from a young ex-Husky softball player to a mom over the past decade.  Now with her certified MILF license in tow, Mentink has become the Ken Griffey, Jr. of Seattle broadcasting, with a new person on her right on an almost-daily basis.  While the future is unclear for some of the ladies on this list, Mentink will likely be on the local airwaves until the day she chooses to hang ’em up.  Go Angie.

Elise Woodward
Elise Woodward

Elise Woodward, 950 KJR AM. The only radio personality on our list, Elise went from being a KJR sidekick a few years ago, to co-hosting a nightly show with Ian Furness, to finally pulling down her own gig in 2008.

She may have a radio voice, but don’t sell Elise short; she’s blessed with television good looks, but in respect to her profession, sticks to the AM frequency where she can put her vast sports knowledge on display.

In addition to being a former University of Washington basketball player, Elise has worked in some capacity with the Sonics, the Storm, Husky basketball, and Husky football.  Like Mentink, she’s a veteran of the business around here, and holds down her MILF status pretty damn well.

Nicole Zaloumis, FSN. A newbie when it comes to the area, Zaloumis first blessed us with her presence during telecasts of 2008 Mariners games.  Making us forget all about her predecessors–the likes of Rich Waltz, Jim Watson, and Brad Adam–Zaloumis made it fun to watch a 100-loss team.  I mean, do you really think fans were tuning in to watch Carlos Silva’s fat ass leave in the third?

Nicole Zaloumis
Nicole Zaloumis

Zaloumis is in her late-20’s and grew up in Danville, CA (also home to ex-Mariner Randy Winn…one of the few things I took away from the players announcing their hometowns during intros back in 2005).  She attended the University of San Francisco and was a member of the dance team there (nice poms).  She’s trekked around the country looking for broadcasting gigs since graduation, but seems to have found a home (at least temporarily) at the Bellevue studios of FSN.  I think we can all appreciate that.

So now that we’ve broken them down, who’s your favorite?  Four choices, but there can only be one champion, one favorite of the local viewers and listeners.  Make your voice heard in the comments section.

14 thoughts on “Ladies of Seattle: Sportscaster Edition”

  1. KUBE 93’s Tari Free would like it be known that she has thrown her hat into this ring as a wildcard entrant. Tari is a Seattle icon on the T-Man Morning Show and does her fair share of sports reporting as the primary news correspondent on the radio show. If any other wildcards would like to declare themselves, feel free to do so right here.

  2. Sorry, but Angie Mentink is a man and really obnoxious during halftime at home. Almost more obnoxious than the karaoke thing they have at the beginning of half time at Hec Ed.

  3. Lisa Gangel hands down. I hate local news but I’ll sit through 26 minutes of it every night just to see if Lisa Gangel is on since KING 5 doesn’t seem to follow and sort of schedule. When I see Paul Silvi’s face I get very, very sad.

  4. “When I see Paul Silvi’s face I get very, very sad.”

    I agree with you, even if Lisa Gangel isn’t involved.

  5. Lisa Gangel is gorgeous, but Nicole Zaloumis is my favorite. She fits the classic term “Bombshell”. I love watching her. Especially when she’s showing cleavage.

  6. Mentink must be removed from this list. Her reporting is mediocre at best, her voice wears on you, and she is a 5 in the looks department.

  7. Great thread…everyone is on point. Angie can be dismissed and there is just enough support for both Lisa and Nicole to warrant a competition – as for me I must bow out as a judge because my Mariners Jersey will support the number 1 and Zaloumis for the name! I will leave it to the Seattle Sportsnet to choose the appropriate venue. All I ask is for an invitation (and free beer)! I think this will go over well. Romar’s Huskies got us out of the gutter…maybe this will bring the sleeping Seattle fans to life…

  8. Over there at Hot Clicks on they keep talking about Erin Andrews. Erin and Lisa are both flawless beauties, but I find myself captivated whenever Nicole Zaloumis appears on-screen.
    Even her “commercial” that FSN plays too much (some say.)
    I find Angie Mentink mildly appealing visually, but her voice makes me want to change channels.

  9. angie’s a stud. what was her name before mentink? it was a similar name. calling her a milf is on the one hand charitable and on the other hand accurate. i am torn

  10. It’s a hard one between Lisa and Nicole. Angie’s just got mildly better than average looks, and Elise is a little better, but Lisa and Nicole really stand out. I saw Nicole Zaloumis in person once, and she is flawless. I can’t say the same for Lisa Gangel, but she does pull off a kind of Reese Witherspoon-ish smile.

  11. Angie Mentink is a dike….how can you even think she’s remotely attractive?? She talks like a man, looks like one, and dammit I bet she’s even got a penis. The husband and kids are a cover-up! haha Also, she is so UW-biased it’s not even funny. I can’t watch a WSU/UW broadcast without her riding UW’s dick the whole time. It’s pathetic, and how she ever got on tv boggles my mind.

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