T.O. released…just another victory for the White Man

I feel your pain, yo
I feel your pain, yo

Terrell Owens has been released by the Dallas Cowboys, and it’s all Jason Witten’s fault. Witten is the bastard that got in Tony Romo’s ear and convinced him that T.O. was evil. Romo, in turn, took a once-united locker room and divided it by skin color, white and black, anti-Owens and pro-Owens.

The whites wanted T.O. gone.  They were sick of his honesty, sick of his big mouth.  The blacks wanted T.O. to stay.  They appreciated his candor, appreciated his forward approach with teammates.  Ultimately, the whites won out, and T.O. headed off into the Dallas sunset with his release.

I hope Romo and Witten are happy.  They just lost out on one of the league’s premier receivers because they squabbled like schoolgirls.  Owens isn’t perfect, I get that.  But Tony Romo and Jason Witten are far from innocent in all this as well.  Good luck to them piecing together their 8-8 season next year.

*Side note: The Seahawks should bring in T.O., then draft Michael Crabtree.  Along with Housh, Deion Branch, Nate Burleson, and a retained Bobby Engram, the Hawks can run unprecedented six-wide sets.  Yes.

4 thoughts on “T.O. released…just another victory for the White Man”

  1. I don’t care how good TO is, he’s still cancer to a locker room. He always says it’s not his fault and that he’s changed but it is obviously something he’s doing if every place he goes, the locker room just falls apart. I believe him when he says he’s not a problem as soon as we go through a whole season where there isn’t a “riff” in the clubhouse that involves him in some way.

  2. The truth is, white people can’t deal with reality. They are much like women in the sense that they make mistakes or someone challenges the depth of their character and you are blackballed. Being told the truth no matter what is a staple in and is respected in the black community even if we don’t like what is said. This is true to the case of T.O., he speaks his mind and “massa” doesn’t like to be criticized.

  3. Not all white people cant deal with reality, and not all black people are real. That was the most ignorant statement I have heard all year, congrats.

  4. TO’s an asshole. This has nothing to do with race. Everywhere he goes, the team falls apart. Nothing’s ever his fault, it’s always his “gay” quarterback, his “weak” quarterback, his scheming teammates, him not getting enough looks (despite getting tons, and dropping half of them), or some other bushwhacked excuse that he can come up with. I believe he might actually be a retarded person.

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