James White throws down Dunk of the Year

I love Nate Robinson, but I don’t know if he can take James White.  For those of you who haven’t heard of White, he’s a former University of Cincinnati swingman who gained notoriety while still in college for his prolific dunking abilities.

Since leaving Cincinnati in 2006, White has come to personify the “journeyman” tag, heading from Portland, to Indiana, to San Antonio, to Austin, to Turkey, and now Anaheim.  He’s played in three leagues over that span: the NBA, NBDL, and Turkish Basketball League.  Along with pretty much everyone on the And 1 Mix-Tape Tour, and guys like Harold Miner, Dee Brown, and Henry Bekkering, White is one of those guys who is typecast as a great dunker with little basketball skill, hence his omnipresence on YouTube, rather than on TNT and ESPN.

A few weeks ago, at the NBDL All-Star Game, White threw down this amazing gem of a slam, taking off from clear beyond the free-throw and easily jamming home a one-hand tomahawk.  The same dunk is shown again in slow-motion, so watch it all the way through.  Also, take note of the guy who rises in front of the camera, looking as if he’s just witnessed the second coming of Jesus.

If you like that, take a look at this highlight reel sequence.  The following video comes from the 2008 Turkish Basketball League Slam-Dunk competition.  White rattles off a series of dunks, culminating in a between-the-legs slam from beyond the free-throw line.  You can’t understand what the announcers are saying, but it doesn’t matter.  An amazing display of athleticism.


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