Dawg Pack Dirt: Seattle University

Volume 5, Issue 19, Seattle University, March 3rd, 2009

By Nate Taggart and Aaron Bean

We did it! Our Washington Huskies are the Pac-10 regular season champions and we helped them do it but there is still some work to be done. Seattle University will be looking to renew a rivalry that has been on hold for 30 years and this game will be the game of the Redhawks’ season.

The game is being reported as being sold out and I’m sure there will be plenty of Seattle U students and fans there to support their brand new Division-I team. That means that we have to be as loud as ever and make this rivalry one that can be just as bitter as any in future years.

Oh, and Seattle U is pretty damn good for being in its first year of D-I so this is no time to sleep.

That being said, Seattle U is barely a D-I team which makes finding dirt on them extremely hard so please bear with us and come ready to be creative at the game.

The Game:

-Seattle Redhawks at Washington Huskies

-Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. PST

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

-Bring your ticket from the Lehigh game that was snowed out if you want to get in to see Seattle U.

The Team:

-Seattle is not eligible for postseason play for a few years since they are new to D-I, so they are simply playing for pride.

-The Redhawks are not yet in a conference but out of all 15 D-I Independents, Seattle has the best record at 18-7.

-Seattle U has 8 players from the state of Washington so it is very likely that some of you know these people. If you have any additional dirt, make sure to spread it around.

The Players:

-Sr. F #42 Austen Powers is named Austen Powers which makes things easy. He’s also the Redhawks’ best player which makes things easier. There are reports that he dressed up as Austin Powers for Halloween which I imagine looked a little something like this:


CLICK HERE for a larger, printable version of this photo. Bring these to the game and I guarantee we’ll get laughs from the Seattle U players. Special thanks to my roommate, Danny Lee, for working his Photoshop magic on that one.

-Sr. F #1 Michael Wright nicknamed himself “Matchup Problem” so we can make sure to continually ask him about his status as a “matchup problem” throughout the game.

-Fr. F #2 Aaron Broussard doesn’t like books or reading. Isn’t Seattle U supposed to be for smart kids?

-Fr. G #21 Marques Hollins likely won’t play as he’s only played for 4 minutes in one game this season but he does have this interesting picture where he is uhh… I’ll let you decide.


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