Yahoo’s Jason King succumbs to Husky Nation

Four days after posting this condemnation of Yahoo College Basketball analyst Jason King, King has reissued his weekly Power Rankings of the Pac-10, and the numbers have changed significantly. Namely, the Dawgs have moved up an unprecedented four slots to #1….up from #5.

Interestingly enough, six of the 10 conference teams have a new number next to their name, with only 40% of the league retaining their old ranking. That could indicate one of two things: either a) there were some major shakeups and upsets over the past week or b) King doesn’t really know what he’s doing. I’m going with the latter.

No matter, however, it’s a small victory for West Coast basketball fans. Many of you told me you personally contacted King expressing your displeasure with his inability to analyze the sport, and King responded by doing his job better…for this week, at least. So good work, fans. Keep making your voices heard!

*P.S.: Last week’s rankings have been pulled from the Jason King archive….hmm.

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