Facebook findings, MIPs, nostalgic images, and other digressions

ronkittleHoly crapola, Ron Kittle is on Facebook! If you collected baseball cards as a kid like I did, you may very well know that Ron Kittle is a former Major League Baseball player who, in his heyday, was regarded as a power hitter with an inability to hit for average.  Baseball Reference compares Kittle favorably with the Steve Balbonis of our world, which is no compliment.

Anyways, long story short, Ron Kittle is our friend on Facebook, and he’s not the only semi-famous person we’ve made an acquaintance with recently.  We’ve also hooked it up with Mariner broadcaster Dave Sims (a true American hero); ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb;  current Major Leaguers Jack Cust, Corey Patterson, Chad Billingsley, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and others; Seattle’s own Felix Hernandez; quarterback Matt Leinart; journalists Peter Gammons and Jeff Pearlman; and even Sportscenter anchor and former KIRO TV sportscaster Linda Cohn.  You can find us on Facebook HERE.

Cougie quarterback Marshall Lobbestael arrested for MIP. He was found passed out in a car in the parking lot of a police station.  There are just so many directions we could go with this.  I’ll leave the shots up to the readers.  Consider this an “Insert witty comment here” line.

I’m still mad at Jason King.  I’ve cooled off a little, but I’m still upset after reviewing Jason King’s Pac-10 Power Rankings.  I want to clarify my stance in defense of the harsh words I issued towards King yesterday.

First of all, I’m not mad at King for ranking the Huskies fifth in the conference.  That’s a bit of a joke, yes, but rankings are basically just one person’s opinion on the state of your team.  In the grand scheme of things, they determine very little when it comes to Tourney time.  What I’m really pissed about is Jason King’s lack of effort when it came to creating these so-called Power Rankings.  Clearly, the man did not research his topic before throwing the piece together.  He hasn’t watched any Pac-10 games, I’d wager, and he appears to have pulled all his facts from the nightly broadcast of Sportscenter.

It’s about respect.  By throwing this pus out there, King has disrespected his profession, disrespected college basketball, disrespected the Pac-1o conference, and disrespected anyone who reads what he’s written.  To the knowledgeable fan, he comes across as a moron.  To the uninformed, he’s simply given an inaccurate account of reality.  It’s just plain wrong and in no way should he be getting paid for that garbage.  If this were any other profession, a horrible performance like that would result in a write-up, a fine, a suspension, maybe even termination.  It’s just flat-out bad.

Ahh, memories. Found this image when researching this morning’s Nate Robinson story:


That, folks, pretty much sums up Husky Basketball, circa 2002-2005.

Oh yeah, and Charles Barkley is going to jail. Guilty of DUI, he’ll be behind bars for five whole days.  Not some white-collar prison, either.  This is federal, pound-me-in-the-ass prison.  No conjugal visits.

Okay, to be honest, I don’t know if all that’s true.  I just wanted to borrow the line from Office Space. Hopefully, you all can relate.

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