Yahoo’s Jason King defies sanity in ranking Pac-10

Beware this man! He's an idiot!
Beware this man! He's an idiot!

Not that Yahoo Sports is considered a valuable resource for college basketball analysis or anything, but come on.  Come on, Jason King, you’re supposed to be an expert.  Instead, you look like a fool, with your back-asswards Pac-10 basketball rankings and an expectation that we’re supposed to trust you for insight.

I implore you to stop.  Just stop.  You’re not as smart as you give yourself credit for, and there’s no need to keep perpetuating flat-out wrongitude.

Who is Jason King, you ask?  Jason King is a Yahoo Sports college basketball “insider” (inside what, we may never know) that spends his time analyzing all of NCAA basketball.

First of all, asking someone to analyze all of NCAA basketball is like asking someone to sponge bath all of Bartolo Colon, or read all the works of Shakespeare.  It’s a humongous task that no one should be assigned on a sole basis.  But in these tough economic times, not only has Yahoo Sports entrusted one man to handle this job, they’ve entrusted Jason King, who happens to be an idiot.

Additionally, King hails from Kansas and attended Texas’ Baylor University, so his knowledge of West Coast basketball is right up there with my knowledge of nuclear physics.

Here are King’s Pac-10 Power Rankings for this week:

1. Arizona State

2. Arizona


4. California

5. Washington

6. USC

7. Oregon State

8. Stanford

9. Washington State

10. Oregon

I can’t think of a team or fan in the Pac-10 who wouldn’t have a gripe with this list (except for maybe Arizona, who is clearly overrated in the two-spot, and Arizona State, who secretly knows they’re not the best team in the league).

You’re telling me that Washington State — who has beaten ASU, UCLA, Stanford (a team they’re supposedly worse than), Oregon State, and Oregon (twice) — is the ninth-best team in this league?

You’re telling me that an off-and-on Arizona team that remains unranked in both polls is better than the likes of UCLA, Cal, and Washington?

You’re telling me that Washington — first place Washington — is the fifth-best team in this conference?

Boy, you better pull your head out of your ass before it comes popping out your neck again because you are so blind right now that Stevie Wonder called and offered his condolences.

This is a joke.

I hope Yahoo isn’t paying you, because I know homeless men that have a better grasp on the Pac-1o right now than you do.  We’ve got starving children in Africa, blue-collar families thousands of dollars in debt, and hard-working Americans losing jobs on an hourly basis in America right now.  I’m calling for yours, King.  There’s gotta be some unemployed individual out there who can offer better “inside” information than you.

I hope you read this and get upset, because maybe then it will encourage you to put some thought into your work, rather than piecing this garbage together minutes before deadline.

You’re an insult to your profession and a slap-in-the-face to college basketball fans everywhere.  We deserve better and you need to go back to flipping burgers, washing cars, or sponging Bartolo Colon (and I apologize to all the good men and women who do flip burgers, wash cars, or sponge Colon because you’re doing a much better job than this tool is).

I’m calling you out, on behalf of fans.  Ball’s in your court now, homeboy.

9 thoughts on “Yahoo’s Jason King defies sanity in ranking Pac-10”

  1. And Wazzu’s QB gets a MIP from being found sleeping in his car in a police dept. parking lot. Go Dawgs.

  2. Sure, why not?

    The Dawgs will keep winning while the haters keep hating.

    All that matters is this team finally has the strength to make a good run at the tournament after a 2 year absence.

  3. He is a John Wall kiss ass like Dick Vitale. Neither of these no talent goofs watch any basketball with the exception of the hyped teams like Kentucky, North Caroline, Duke, etc. Whoever wrote this article is exactly right. Does he watch basketball or simply listen to Colin Cowheard all day? Complete douchebag.

  4. But he did get the fact that the Big East is the best conference again this year. Being from the Big 10 and Big 12 area of the country, I respect his objectivity. Idiotic fans that continue to think that team-for-team, the Big 10 or Big 12 are better conferences than the Big East are ball lickers to the max. Who cares about the Pac-10.

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