I’m boycotting the Sounders ’til Vini comes back

vinioliveiraVini Oliveira has been cut by the Sounders FC, and Drew Carey himself may as well have ripped out my heart.  I am not a soccer fan, but I am a Vini fan.  I watched Sounders Super Search and when Vini won the opportunity to join the team, I couldn’t help but feel happy for the Bellevue native and his family, who celebrated joyfully beside the newest Sounder.

Speaking of Sounders Super Search, what a crock.  I feel cheated by the reality TV show which I condemned, then had second thoughts about, then watched and enjoyed.  You had to feel good about the opportunity these players received.  A dream shot to earn a spot on a major professional sports team doesn’t come along every day, and when it does, the results are magical.  Which is probably why KING TV and Disney both got on board with the Sounders FC to make this show happen.  It was such a highly-anticipated event, that KING slotted it after the Superbowl and a special episode of The Office, all but guaranteeing a ratings boost for the local programming.  The network then brought in the big guns, with inaugural voice Kevin Calabro narrating the action, keeper Kasey Keller providing commentary, and bombdotcom sportscaster Lisa Gangel as the sideline reporter of sorts.  It was supposed to be a huge deal, and when all was said and done, it lived up to the hype.

But now, come to find out, SSS was just too good to be true.  Like an Alex Rodriguez steroid-infused home run cheating the game of baseball, Sounders Super Search cheated its viewers and Seattle sports fans alike when it yielded, well, nothing.  We had our winner, Vini Oliveira, for little more than two weeks before he was asked to leave the team.  TWO WEEKS!  Why even hold the damn search if your so-called winner is nothing more than a token gesture publicity stunt?  My heart breaks for the Oliveira family, who displayed such unbridled happiness when their son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, friend was chosen as the people’s champion.  How do they feel now?  How do they feel about the team that led them on?

It’s a joke.  It’s like watching 90 minutes of the movie Invincible, only to find out that Eagles receiver Vince Papale gets waived at the end.  Or all of The Rookie, only to discover that Jimmy Morris’s luck runs out in Double-A ball.  It’s a crap ending and I hate the Sounders, the supposedly fan-friendly organization, for breaking our hearts.  So until Vini returns, I’m boycotting the team.  Bring Vini back, and you’ll get me.  Keep him off the team, and you lose one fan.  It’s not a big number, but I’m confident more people will join me.  The coalition to Bring Back Vini starts here.  He’s the People’s Champion, and we love him!  Viva Vini!

16 thoughts on “I’m boycotting the Sounders ’til Vini comes back”

  1. The TEAM said not only that he had a chance at making the team, but that he DID MAKE the team. It’s one thing if the Sounders offered the winner to go to training and see how things go from there (see how the player performs in pre-season games, see how those skills really are rather than how they appeared in the competition, etc.) But that is not what the team said.

    Vini is the perfect age to get picked up by a pro team, and it’s not so strange to think they would want someone with skills, talent, fan draw, and a great attitude whom they could mold and train to their liking.

    False advertising, I say. It didn’t have to go like this, if they had just handled it better from teh beginning. And so much for fan involvement, Sounders. Keep your season tix and boo on you.

    I’m with Alex on this one, I am a Vini fan, not a Sounders fan. You made your bed, now sleep in it Sounders.

  2. Soooo, this would be a pure corporate maneuver to generate interest and revenue?? Kind of like the Ken Griffey Jr. move?? Because there’s an argument to be made that the Jr. decision was made NOT on sound baseball principles, but to get an extra 2500-3000 more buts in the seats. Either way, your beef isn’t really rooted in any kind of realism.

  3. It’s not a good sign when an organization misleads fans before ever playing a game.

    Especially when they need all the fans they can get.

    I’ll stick with the Mariners, Huskies, Seahawks, and (RIP) Sonics for now.

  4. I personally know vini and have seen him play, and he is amazing and shouldn’t have gotten cut from the team. that’s ridiculous. he’s young, and amazing player, but still can be molded to a MLS player, oh well! some other team will scoop him up and the sounders will kick themselves in the butt for it

  5. pretty sure he isnt that amazing he couldnt lead his community college team to a championship he went to the allstar team this year did not play very well and then gets outplayed by jr garcia in the final event of the search and wins it?? hes a joke it was a publicity thing.. jr garcia should get a contract hes a pdl mvp:)

  6. “it was a publicity thing.”

    That pretty much sums it up. The Sounders are a joke for stooping to the level of publicity stunts to sell a product that was doing pretty well for itself before they ever broadcast their reality show.

    If anything, that show probably turned people off of the Sounders for propping these players up in front of people, then tearing them down behind the scenes. Class act.

  7. i agree this guy wasnt the best player on the show jr garcia was way better they took there chances with this guy he didnt perform and sucks for him hes a joke he’ll probably en up going to like northwest university since he never goes far away from home. jr garcia is an amazing player he will ter the pdl up again… and dude dont boycott the sounders why cuz vini isnt great

  8. vini was the best.he won.they could have atleast played him one time.ive seen this guy play.i was the team manager for the team when he went to lhs.sounders are low for cutting him.screw that.vini can go play for a better team then them now.love you dude.

  9. Vini is not a pro player. I’ve played against him and also played with 5 of those top 10 players. He’s decent, but no pro. When it comes down to it, wouldnt you think they would pick up some stud player from UW over some kid who kicks it around at Kasch park on friday night.

    Good move on the sounders part. Picking him up gave me a sour taste before they even stepped on the pitch.

  10. Ok I am reading all of these posts and it is clear that none of u have any clue as to why he was really released. Maybe the club should have released a reason but they didn’t, probably an attempt to save face for Vini. Vini was/is not here in America legally, I believe specifically there was a problem with his visa. That is why he was cut, he lied about his status on the initial application to the search. So quit bashing the Sounders, they held up their end, Vini lied and thus did not hold up his end. So now that all of you have the correct info we can all go back to loving the beautiful game!

  11. You’re retarded. The guy seems like he could play at a semi-pro level but never for the MLS. Even if the Sounders did mislead the fans at least they took him out of his misery before they made him ride the bench for a season and eventually cut him a the end of the season

  12. the reason he was cut is 1. hes not MLS stats. and he doesnt have his papers. sorry to say the truth. but it should be known by now. he is now since he is married.

  13. When Vini won the super search he still had to prove he was good enough to play on the sounders. He’s not just gonna automatically start playing because he won a contest.
    His attitude for the game is all fucked up too. He played for the pumas for a year too but got cut the next year because he wouldn’t show up to practices. So now because of his piss poor attitude he’s playing for some shitty team in eastern Washington.
    Don’t boycott a team because you have a man crush. Pussy

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