The five best things about Saturday

1. The Huskies beat USC. Huge win. Keep in mind that the Trojans were without leading scorer Dwight Lewis when they gave the Dawgs fits at Hec Ed, and yet even with Lewis they couldn’t get past Washington. Great, great road win for UW to salvage the split in L.A.

Quincy Pondexter led Washington with 22 points.
Quincy Pondexter led Washington with 22 points.

2. Washington State beat UCLA. No one likes the Cougars…except when the beat up on your number one competition, in this case UCLA. You’ll rarely ever hear me praise a Cougie effort, but today’s victory deserves a gigantic round of applause. For only the second time in their history, the Inferior Felines went into Pauley Pavilion and knocked off the Bruins. They’re 2-51 at Pauley all-time now…that’s no typo, 2 wins, 51 losses. Talk about great timing.

3. Oregon State beat Cal. Wow. Talk about everything going right. Another team nipping at Washington’s heels in the conference standings goes down today. This time around, the Dawgs get help from another of the Pac’s lesser teams, as the Beavers of Oregon State managed to pull the wool over the Bears’ eyes at home. Craig Robinson’s team put together an effort that would have made brother-in-law Barack Obama proud, coming back from a seven-point deficit at intermission to compose a 65-54 victory.

4. Junior donned a Mariners logo for the first time in ten years. Sure, it was one of those goofy looking Spring Training caps. And yes, he wasn’t technically in a jersey…yet. But if the sight of Ken Griffey, Jr. sporting the M’s logo didn’t bring a smile to your face, then you better go out and do some soul searching because it was amazing.

Ken Griffey, Jr. reflecting on his return to Seattle
Ken Griffey, Jr. reflecting on his return to Seattle

5. Then, Junior took a shot at Ichiro’s wardrobe. Somebody had to do it, and who could possibly be more qualified to pipe up than the greatest athlete in Seattle history? I think I speak for everyone when I say a change in Ichiro’s wardrobe wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Remember that interview he did with FSN a while back, wearing a sleeveless black leather vest with nothing underneath? He looked like the long, lost Village Person, or possibly a card-carrying member of Dikes on Bikes. It wasn’t pretty. Something needs to be done to alter Ichiro’s fashion sense (or lack thereof), and let’s hope Junior can be the guy to make a difference.

*All images courtesy AP

3 thoughts on “The five best things about Saturday”

  1. Hey. I like the Cougars.

    And Griffey can do as he pleases in Seattle. Including spurn a team by leaving for BS reasons so he can go get injured multiple years in a row. Yet, still be loved by everyone, myself included.

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