Playing with ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine

kevindurantadammorrisonYes, it’s that time of year again.  The time when ESPN  proudly displays their greatest invention, the NBA Trade Machine, for all us laypeople to experiment with.  If you’ve never fooled around with the NBATM before, CLICK HERE to get started.  Basically, the trade machine allows you to incorporate up to three NBA teams and begin trading players amongst the teams, taking into account the salary cap and other factors that would influence real-life deals.  Here are some trades I’ve worked out already today.

Trade #1:

Los Angeles Lakers get: Tyson Chandler, Mouhamed Sene, Kyle Weaver, Nick Collison, Earl Watson, Russ Westbrook, and Damien Wilkens.

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

Yes.  This is exactly why I love the Trade Machine. Reality doesn’t exist in the NBATM’s world, and it’s fantastic.  In case you’re wondering, the Blunder would actually have a pretty formidable lineup after this trade, despite the fact that their entire roster would only be nine deep.  Sure, they’d have to start Gasol, Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Jeff Green alongside Chucky Atkins, but who cares?  And according to John Hollinger’s Projected Win Analysis (PWA), I’ve only cost OKC a total of seven wins by making this deal.  L.A., unfortunately, is down 19 wins.  They also have a roster of 20 people now.

Trade #2:

New York Knicks get: Brandon Roy.

Portland Trailblazers get: Nate Robinson and Anthony Roberson.

It’s just that easy.  The crazy part is that while the salaries equate, I would be costing the Blazers seven wins with this deal, while bestowing eight extra W’s on the Knicks.  A 15-win swing.  Wow.

Trade #3:

Boston Celtics get: Hilton Armstong, Devin Brown, Rasual Butler, Melvin Ely, Sean Marks, Chris Paul, Morris Peterson, James Posey, Peja Stojakovic, David West, Chris Wilcox, Julian Wright.

New Orleans Hornets get: Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce.

What are Boston’s Big Three worth?  How ’bout the entire Hornets roster, minus three players (Joe Smith, Ryan Bowen, and Antonio Daniels) who have no-trade clauses.  And, interestingly enough, the combined salaries of all the Hornets players going to Beantown in this deal are still worth about $6 million less than those of Allen, Garnett, and Pierce.

Trade #4 (aka My Dream Trade):

San Antonio Spurs get: Tyson Chandler (from OKC)

Los Angeles Lakers get: Kevin Durant (from OKC)

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Manu Ginobili (from SAS) and Adam Morrison (from LAL)

I’ve always wanted to send Ginobili and Morrison straight to hell, and now they’re there.  And, as a bonus, I’ve traded away two of Clay Bennett’s best players, including the face of the franchise.  It’s moments like these that are priceless.

2 thoughts on “Playing with ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine”

  1. Just found out you can add a fourth team to the machine, and managed to get this deal done:

    New York Knicks get: Alexis Ajinca (from CHA)

    OKC Thunder get: Raymond Felton (from CHA)

    Portland Trailblazers get: DJ Augustin (from CHA)

    Charlotte Bobcats get: Durant, B-Roy, and Nate

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