Thoughts on the weekend that was

APTOPIX NBA All Star BasketballWe were down this weekend, but not out. We may not have updated the world on everything we saw happening in sports, but that doesn’t mean we missed it. To make it up to you, we’re here now to recap the last three days and give you our take on the weekend that was.

Is it just me, or does Romar appear to apologize to the opposing coach after every home game? As soon as the whole Oregon debacle came to its merciful end on Saturday afternoon, the coaches met near midcourt to shake hands and exchange words. As has become customary, Romar leaned in and spoke briefly with his counterpart, in this case Ernie Kent, while appearing to apologize for something in the process. Hopefully he apologized for the epic beatdown the Dawgs just issued, or maybe for Kent’s impending termination. Either way, it seems like Romar apologizes to the other coach after every home game, and it’s kind of weird. I may be completely wrong on this, who knows, just throwing it out there.

Luke Ridnour was at the game, playing defense behind the Ducks bench. You may have seen him sitting there, watching the Huskies dismantle his former team. Dressed like an eighth-grader, confused as to how Oregon got so bad, so quickly. He may have looked like a spectator, but that was Luke Ridnour playing defense at his very best. He was guarding the chair he was sitting on pretty damn well, and, as most Sonics fans can attest to, that’s a step up from what Luke’s been capable of in the past.

And what was up with all those signs that the Dawg Pack held up in the waning moments of the win? In case you missed it, or happened to catch it and were wondering what it was, the sign that members of the Husky student section displayed proudly as the game ended was this gem right here:


FSN can stop dispatching Barry Tompkins and Dan Belluomini to Seattle now. It’s like they have it out for us or something. They keep giving us the AARP of broadcasting in Tompkins and Belluomini, two guys who were past their prime twenty years ago. At one point or another these guys may have been qualified to handle a microphone (maybe), but that’s no longer the case. It’s like they’re employed simply out of charity. Because they’re old, and it just wouldn’t feel right to fire them. It’s not like we’re talking about Harry Kalas or Vin Scully, here. These guys may be wily veterans, but you can’t forgive their mistakes the way you would a Hall of Fame-caliber pro. These two goobers have no big-name presence, no reputation, no pedigree, and were likely never that good at their jobs in the first place.

I think of it this way. It’s like when you have a grandparent that you know shouldn’t be driving, because they’re a hazard to themselves and to others, but you feel bad taking their keys away so they keep getting behind the wheel. You know it’s wrong for them to be out there, but you let your emotions stop you from doing what’s right. In this case, FSN is the weak-willed, concerned family, and Tompkins and Belluomini are the seniors who shouldn’t be driving. Eventually, there comes a day when that car will crash and a number of people will be hurt, either directly or indirectly. Tompkins and Belluomini are no exception. FSN keeps trotting them out there, and eventually one of them is going to drop an f-bomb, say something offensive towards ethnic minorities, insult gays, or deride women, and I’ll be the first person there to help incite the backlash.

Remember two years ago when CBS basketball analyst Billy Packer used the term “fagged out” during a live interview? Packer, of course, was using an archaic, literal definition of “fag” that only like, seven or eight people who are part of a secret society understand. To the rest of us, he was issuing a slur towards homosexuals. There was significant public outcry from that senior moment, and the Tomp-Bell duo are on the fast track to having one of those episodes as well. It should be interesting to see exactly what they’ll do.

Here’s a brief clip about senior citizens:

What’s Nate going to jump over next year? Former Husky Nate Robinson has found his calling: jumping over things on his way to thunderous dunks. He won the 2006 NBA Slam Dunk Contest by hurdling 5’7″ former champion Spud Webb. He had off years in ’07 and ’08 after trying new things. Then, he outdid himself this past weekend by leaping 6’11” Dwight Howard, the 2008 winner and fellow competitor. So what if his testicles grazed Howard’s neck, and he had to use his off-hand to get that final oomph on his way to the cup? The jam was still impressive, and made even more special by the fact that the towering Howard barely even ducked.

All of this has to make you wonder what Nate will do for an encore in 2010. He’s carved his dunking niche by hopping over people. But there are only so many people left to hurdle. Maybe he can arrange for Yao Ming to stand in the key next year, or possibly even Manute Bol. I hear there’s a guy in China who stands 7’11”. He could fly him in for the weekend. Perhaps he could station former heavyweight center Oliver Miller down low and dunk around him (that would be fun to watch).

Here’s a video of the performance:

I could score in an NBA All-Star game. Anyone could. Your mom could. Your two-year-0ld sister could. Your dog could. If an aging Shaquille O’Neal can pour in 17 points in just 11 minutes of All-Star action, I’m convinced anyone can notch at least one point. Every time Shaq was fed the ball down low, defenders cowered–or in some cases sprinted–out of the way. There was little defense, especially in the post, and it made for a less-than-impressive high-scoring affair. You would think that when two basketball teams combine for 265 points, it would be exciting. Not the case with the ’09 All-Star game.


This whole Mariners clubhouse saga is getting out of hand. First we get J.J. Putz’s take, then Adrian Beltre’s. Now former manager Jim Riggleman gets his say. I will say this: the reporting by beat writer Larry Stone is excellent, but the subjects of his interviews aren’t telling us anything we don’t already know. The team sucked last year, so of course there were some clubhouse issues. There will be clubhouse issues on any team, in any given year, but they’ll usually only come to fruition if a team is losing.

Basically, it sounds like all indications are that the team hates Ichiro. Which is to be expected. He’s the best player on a team of youngsters and losers. The veterans on this ballclub are, for the most part, completely worthless, and tote egos to rival their hefty contracts. Do you think anybody cares about the Carlos Silvas and Jarrod Washburns of the world at this point? Hell no. And I guarantee you that very few Mariner fans will be headed to the ballpark on any given night simply to watch a few of these aging, washed up veterans get sent out on to the diamond. This year’s Mariners team probably won’t be very good, meaning your average fan will attend games for any of the following reasons:

  • Bobblehead dolls
  • The presence of Ken Griffey, Jr. (should we land him)
  • Nostalgia nights (aka tributes to ex-players, or any other event that calls for a pre-game speech and video montage)
  • Half-price beer nights (just a suggestion…probably won’t ever happen)
  • Fan appreciation night

That’s pretty much it. If these dumbass veterans with their inflated ERA’s and piddling batting averages think anyone gives a sh*t about what they do, they need look no further than the attendance numbers on weeknights and games without giveaways to fill them in on the full story. If your contract wasn’t already on the books thanks to the ineptitude of our former front office staff, you’d likely be out of baseball this year or kicking around the Mexican League trying to catch lightning in a bottle one last time. It’s one thing to get paid a lot of money to underperform. It’s another thing to bitch and moan when you’re upset with the fact that your crappy performance is leading us to the cellar. Just cash your check and shut up, no one likes you anyways, and if it was up to the fans and money was no object, we would have had you released last year when your bad attitudes were pissing us off then. It’s a new year, so you get a clean slate (for now), but if we have to revisit this again, don’t expect us to give you a free pass.

I Googled "Worst Decision Ever" and this came up
I Googled "Worst Decision Ever" and this came up

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