Notes: Huskies in first place, Thoughts on “He Who Must Not Yet Be Named”

Husky Basketball: The Dawgs cruised into first place in the Pac-10 last night thanks to a UCLA loss, followed by a Husky victory.

The evening got off to a good start when UCLA was beaten by Arizona State (for the second time this season, no less) prior to Washington’s 8:00 PM tipoff. The Huskies then took care of business on their end by using a second-half surge to send the Oregon State Beavers across the state with a loss.

With only a one-point lead at the half, the Dawgs were in danger of succumbing to Oregon State’s slow-down offense and half-court pressure defense. But as the second period wore on, Washington’s depth began to dictate the game. The Beavers ran out of gas down the stretch and the Dawgs proved victorious in runaway fashion, winning 79-60.

Washington was paced by Justin Dentmon’s 28 points, on 8-11 shooting, including seven three-pointers. Quincy Pondexter chipped in 11, extending his strong surge as of late. A bigger concern for Husky fans may be the continued disappearance of forwards Jon Brockman and Matthew Bryan-Amaning, who combined for a mere nine points and five rebounds. While the backcourt remains impressive, the frontcourt has experienced a severe drop in production lately. However, with losses coming few and far between, the decline of the big men has yet to become a serious issue. We’ll continue monitoring this as the season progresses.

Mariners: We’re not saying He’s coming until He’s here. Not God, but close. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out the man I’m referring to.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out the takes on the Big Situation from some of the other local bloggers. Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times, Gerry Spratt of The Seattle P.I., Dave Cameron and the U.S.S. Mariner gang, and James Satterberg and Kevin Cacabelos over at Seatown Sports all offer opinions on His possible arrival in Seattle. The consensus on the man who currently cannot be named is that He is a) a viable short-term option b) a future letdown as the season wears on and c) only being brought to Seattle for nostalgia and little more.

Now let me tell you something. There are some things you just do for the hell of it, with a certain disregard for sabermetrics and garbage like that. This is one of those things. You can take your stats and stick them right up your ass. Kids deserve to see this man play, adults want to see this man play again, and He is a great thing for a city in search of something great. Forget the bottom line for a minute and think with your heart. Your head may have doubts, but your heart always knows what is right. This is a decision that needs to be made with the heart. Even if everything goes terribly awry, the other 24 guys on the roster are cerebral decisions, and one–just one–is more sentimental. We can all live with that.

Plus, we’re probably going to suck anyways this year, so what difference does it make? Future G.M, I am not.

One thought on “Notes: Huskies in first place, Thoughts on “He Who Must Not Yet Be Named””

  1. It’s such a perfect time to bring him back… now they just need to lower the prices at Safeco by 30% and we’ll have a sold out game every game.

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