SSN Fantasy Baseball League: Both Nate and myself will be hosting a Seattle Sportsnet fantasy baseball league for the coming season for those of you interested. We will be setting up a free, 12-team league through ESPN, and this will be your chance to take on the pseudo-experts. If you’d like to join, send us an email at seattlesportsnet@gmail.com and we’ll hook you up with all the info.

Continue reading to hear about Google PageRank, Bud Selig, and more…
Google PageRank: Hates us. For those of you familiar with the GPR, it’s that little meter in your Google Toolbar that tells you how popular a page is by getting more or less green with each independent page you visit. More green equals more popular, less green equals less popular. We are currently zero green. Just a clear bar that stares at us with a look of spite. I’d like to see that meter get as green as Pinocchio’s nose is long. Not on every page, just the main URL. Feel free to advertise this site everywhere you go. Make signs, posters, or flyers, and one day, when we create t-shirts, you’ll get one free.

Bud Selig: Says that A-Rod “shamed the game.” Bud Selig is a figurehead that makes $18 million a year to sit on his ass and do nothing. It might be shameful for Alex Rodriguez to use steroids, but performance-enhancing drugs could only make Bud Selig a better person. Somebody get this guy some Winstrol, HGH, the Cream, the Clear, Decadurabolin, anything you can get your hands on. For the good of baseball, we need Bud Selig on steroids!

Things you’d like to see on the site: I want to know what the readers want to see on this website. It seems to me that the thing people like most is lists, hence the Top 11. If I could make a spinoff website that was simply Top11.com, I would, because it would be twice as popular as SSN. But doing a daily Top 11 just wouldn’t work out. After a month, we’d be counting down the “Top 11 Seattle Mariner Moments in the Kingdome on Tuesdays” and it just wouldn’t be that cool anymore. So what do you want? More lists? More pictures? More videos? More analysis? Less of something? This is really your call, we are the online source of the fans. We don’t get paid, we aren’t professionals, we’re just like you, only we write about it. So let us know what you want.

2 thoughts on “Digressions”

  1. “So let us know what you want.”

    Sounders news. As a fan of the old NASL team, I’m excited about their arrival in the MLS but I do not have a good source to hear about who will be a Sounder and how things are going. Think you guys are up for it?

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