Dawg Pack Dirt: OSU

Dawg Pack Dirt, Volume 5, Issue 15, Oregon State University, February 12, 2009

By Nate Taggart and Aaron Bean

After going 2-2 on what can be considered a successful 4 game road trip that could’ve easily proved deadly to the Huskies season, the Dawgs are now ranked in the Coach’s Poll at #24 and are 8-3 in the conference which is good enough for 2nd place. Let’s loudly welcome the Dawgs home this from their road trip on Thursday. As for Oregon State, you’ll notice that there is a considerable lack of dirt on the actual OSU players. Trust us, we looked and could hardly find anything. We’re going to go ahead and blame it on the fact that these guys are just boring.

On to the dirt…

The Game:

-Oregon State Beavers at Washington Huskies

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

-Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. PST

The Team:

-The Oregon State Beavers are possibly the surprise of the Pac-10 this year considering their 4-7 record to start Pac-10 play after last year’s 0-18 record in the conference.

-OSU lost to the UW on January 17th 85-59 but the team that we’ll see Thursday should be entirely different from the one that we saw last time.

-Oregon State’s highlight of the year came when they beat Cal and Stanford on the road to start a 4 game winning streak. They have also beaten USC in overtime and the 0-11 Oregon Ducks.

The Coach and Ball Boy:

-In case you’ve been out of the country or something and hadn’t heard, Oregon State head coach Craig Robinson also happens to be the brother of someone named Michelle Obama, making him the First Lady’s big brother and the President Obama’s brother in law. I really don’t know what approach to take on this one as an opposing student section but it is definitely an interesting fact.

-One of the stranger things the Dawg Pack has done over the last two years is have a weird obsession with Oregon State ball boy/student manager, Stephen Sethney, otherwise known simply as Jarred. During the 2006 season the Dawg Pack was looking for someone to entertain us as we waited for the teams to come back out of the locker room during pre-game and we looked to non-other than the Oregon State ball boy. The Dawg Pack convinced the guy to shoot some threes and he proceeded to amaze us all by drilling 3 after 3 with ease. When we asked for his name he told us it was Jarred which we later found out was a lie even though we still call him that. Jarred put on a show for us again last season and told us that he’d be graduating after the season. So when a few of us spotted him in Corvallis last month before a game we were ecstatic and when we told him that we thought he was graduating he responded with, “I thought so too…” He raised his arms in excitement to see his biggest fans and once again, he didn’t fail to please with his superior shooting ability. Expect the Dawg Pack to give a warm and loud welcome to Jarred as one of the all time Dawg Pack favorites makes his farewell tour in Hec Ed. You can be certain that the chant, “PUT IN STEPHEN!” will echo through the arena throughout the course of the game.

The Players:

-Jr. F #2 Calvin Hampton was given the name “Sugar Lips” by the Dawg Pack two seasons ago after he very strangely blew us a kiss after his free throws.

-So. F #24 Omari Johnson also goes by the nickname “Juice”.

Omari Johnson getting a face full from UCLA’s Alfred Aboya. Ironic huh?

-Sr. G #12 Joey McConnell says his hobby is making cabinets. Uh… fun?

-Jr. F/C #10 Roeland Schaftenaar is a 6’ 11” giant from the Netherlands. His club team in the Netherlands was called the Demon Astronauts. I really don’t know what else to say about this kid other than something about him just ain’t right… You’ll know what we mean when you see him.

-The Tarver brothers (Jr. G #5 Josh Tarver & Jr. G/F #15 Seth Tarver) are a combined 2 of 22 from three this season.


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