Brett Favre retiring

Brett Favre has informed the New York Jets that he will retire. Two words: who cares. What’s to say the ageless quarterback won’t change his mind again in a month? Or try to land with a team closer to his home in Green Bay (Minnesota, Chicago)?

Personally, I don’t trust Favre at all. He lied to us last year and he’s just as capable of lying again. It’s gotten to the point with sports figures in America, that society no longer cares what you do, we only care about whether you’re truthful with us or not. Favre never did anything wrong, but he lied to us, and for that we’ve turned on him.

Which is why I’d just as soon never hear from Brett Favre again. Sure, he’ll find a way into our Wrangler commercials, or hold press conferences from his home to appease his ego, but whatever. So long as Favre never curses a team with his presence again (22 TD’s and 22 INT’s this year), we can all move on with our lives, and that’s a great thing.

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