Dawg Pack ranked sixth in nation

Dan Daitchman of CollegeHoops.net has compiled a ranking list of the best college basketball student sections in the nation, and the Dawg Pack comes in at number six. Much like a few years back, when Sports Illustrated chose the Pack as the #8 student section, national recognition has once again found its way to Montlake for the University of Washington students.

The only sections worthy of a ranking higher than the Pack’s were #1 Duke (Cameron Crazies), #2 Kentucky (eRUPPtion Zone), #3 Michigan State (Izzone), #4 Illinois (Orange Crush), and #5 Kansas (Phog Phanatics). Gonzaga’s Kennel Club also made the list, coming in at #8.

Daitchman labels Hec Ed as “arguably the toughest place to play in the Pac-10,” and cites the infamous Dick Bennett finger game as one of the Pack’s brightest moments. Daitchman’s alludes to a since-passed tradition of singing Bonnie Tyler’s ballad “Total Eclipse of the Heart” before games as his favorite thing about the Dawg Pack.

For the complete article CLICK HERE. To see our countdown of the Top 11 Greatest Moments in Dawg Pack History (in three separate installments) CLICK HERE for #11-7, CLICK HERE for #6-2, and CLICK HERE for #1.

3 thoughts on “Dawg Pack ranked sixth in nation”

  1. Read the article closely. It was probably written 3 years ago. References to Adam Morrison, Dick Bennett, and Tubby Smith.

  2. The published date is 2/2/09. Maybe this guy just missed the boat on some of the current goings-on.

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