Santonio Holmes really knows how to bring an audience to tears

In one of the more peculiar stories of Superbowl media week, Steelers wideout Santonio Holmes announced to the world that as a child growing up in Florida, he used to sell drugs. Uhhh….

Citing the desire to prevent at-risk youths from committing the same mistakes he made during his adolescence, Holmes revealed the details of his former dealer lifestyle, a story he’d only told “three or four people about” before yesterday.

Holmes, who was cited for marijuana possession earlier this season, described how he avoided the pitfalls of pre-pubescent drug dealing that many kids fall into. He would head to school under the watchful eye of his mother, before skipping out in favor of the street corner. That’s how you do it, kids!

Holmes spent his drug money on personal luxuries, such as shoes, but decided to give up the trade when he noticed friends getting in trouble and heading to jail.
The third-year receiver has a less-than-sparkling track record of staying out of trouble, and his story, though captivating, probably won’t do him any favors with the league. Put him on Pacman Jones watch, this could get ugly.

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