Huskies ranked 23rd in AP poll

Two years have passed since the Washington men’s basketball team was last ranked in a national poll. That all came to an end yesterday as the Dawgs earned the number 23 spot in the AP Top 25 rankings. Unfortunately, they were left off the USA Today/Coaches Poll, but if nothing else it gives them something to shoot for.

The Huskies earned the right to be recognized over the weekend by knocking off UCLA and USC at home to emerge atop the Pac-10 conference. That ranking will be put to the test in the coming week, however, as UW travels south to face Arizona and Arizona State in two very tough road contests.

If the Huskies intend to capitalize on their national acclaim, they’ll need to ignore the number next to their name and not let the press affect them. Unless your a college football team in the BCS, rankings are worthless, save for inspiring the fan base and puffing up the ego a bit.

With that said, the Husky basketball team becomes the first major Seattle sports team of any kind to receive positive acclaim in the past year. Where others have failed, the Dawgs have thrived. Our football teams sucked, the Mariners sucked, and the Sonics are gone. What else is there to say? God Bless Husky Basketball.

5 thoughts on “Huskies ranked 23rd in AP poll”

  1. It comes down to dedication, hard work and most importantly, Love of the Game. You can’t buy success,(unless you’re the Yankees) but they sure do try.

  2. Bragging about January CBB poll positions is like bragging about Lehman Bros 2007 2qtr earnings… They tell you nothing about where you going.

  3. Nobody is bragging. In fact the article states that rankings are worthless. They just need to keep playing good ball and I’ll be happy.

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