Arizona’s Budinger gets stomped on

During Saturday’s Arizona-Houston men’s basketball game, Arizona forward Chase Budinger was on the receiving end of an Aubrey Coleman head trampling that, to anyone outside of Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller, was clearly intentional.

The events transpired immediately following a charging foul call on Houston’s Coleman. Budinger, who took the charge, was sprawled on the ground before falling victim to Coleman’s best attempt at a curb stomp. Pretty cold blooded if you ask me.

Worse yet, Coleman (who was ejected shortly thereafter) could be seen celebrating with teammates following his violent outburst.

Houston coach Tom Penders, who apparently condones this sort of thing, defended his player’s actions after the game. “I know Aubrey, and I have never seen him lose his temper or composure or anything,” said Penders. “I’m just sorry the official interpreted [the stomp] that way. The way I saw it, Aubrey got tangled, and his momentum carried him forward, and I think it was a mistake.” Penders, I think your parents fornicating was a mistake. As for Coleman, a month suspension wouldn’t be out of the question. There are just some things you don’t do.

2 thoughts on “Arizona’s Budinger gets stomped on”

  1. What a punk. Any coach in the country besides Penders probably wouldn’t hesitate to kick him off the team for the season. Completely uncalled for and should receive a hefty suspension.

  2. Unfortunately, even with this tragic result, it failed to make Budinger attractive AT ALL. Perhaps plastic surgery once he gets to the pros…

    Still say that he should have gone to UCLA and played both volleyball and basketball…

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