7 thoughts on “Pic O’ The Day”

  1. Props to Aaron for finding it. I sent a message to the guy that blew up the pics of Romeo to see if he could blow this one up. We’ll see if it happens but that’d be awesome considering how easy it is to get in his head.

  2. Well we’ve put the wheels in motion to get a bunch of copies. We’ll see if it happens. Someone that’s camping out next to us right now is going to go to Kinkos.

  3. Please, I don’t ask for much in this world, but please….when FSN sticks their cameras in the face of the Dawg Pack and says, hey go ahead and make some noise, I want you all to hold up that picture of Dragovic and make them pay attention to it.

    UCLA is FSN’s baby. They treat UCLA the way most dads treat their only daughters. If a group of rabid students present a picture to a West Coast audience (possibly national, not sure) of a UCLA player lounging in a hot tub shirtless, the announcers will have to acknowledge what they’ve just seen.

    This is not just for the Dawg Pack. This is not just for UW. This is not just a slight against the opponent. No, this is much bigger. This is a shot to the groin of FSN. We’ve all wanted an opportunity to take FSN down a notch. This is your chance, your golden moment to shine. Please, don’t squander it.

  4. Will do. We have a ton of copies of that picture that will be very visible in the Dawg Pack.

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