Diary of a Road Trip: Part I

Husky basketball fans and current Dawg Pack student section members Molly Waldron and Alicia Miller chronicle their journey to the depths of Eugene, Oregon in this five-part series following the team on a recent road trip.

Diary of a Road Trip: Part I, What it means to be a fan
By Molly Waldron

11:30 PM, Wednesday Night

It’s the night before I leave with my roommate, Alicia, for my long-overdue first trip on the road with the Husky basketball team. We’re headed to Eugene, Oregon to witness a huge rivalry game against the Ducks, a team that is dead last in the conference. The Huskies are 2-1 in Pac-10 play and off to their best start since the ’05-’06 season which led them to the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16.

To give you an idea of the intensity I possess as a fan, consider this: Before the January conference home opener last year against Washington State I camped overnight with three friends in a tent outside of Hec Ed. We made a sign that said “GIVE PULLMAN TO IDAHO,” which turned up on nationwide sports blogs and was discussed by anchors on Seattle news stations. We show up to wait in line for a game anywhere from three to fifteen hours before tipoff. We say no to any commitment that might interfere with a game day, regardless of its “importance.” We paint each other’s faces before every matchup. We sit in the front row of the student section, the Dawg Pack, for every game. Our phones explode with texts from friends and family when FSN or ESPN shows us cheering on TV. We’re there every game, front and center, purple and gold head-to-toe, ready to stand, trash talk and cheer for over two hours straight, nothing less.

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Road Trip: Part I”

  1. Hey, hey, hey…we don’t roll like that here on Seattle Sportsnet. This ain’t Match.com.

  2. Andrew is a gay. Definitely looking forward to reading this blog. My last UW bball road trip was for the Portland game :-[

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