What we can learn from Barack Obama

Whether you’re a kid, a young adult, a parent, a grandparent, or anything in between, there is always more about sports that we can learn. This article, from Sports Illustrated, on Barack Obama’s rise to prominence and the playground, can help anyone find sports and turn sports into a passion. If this motivates you to play, great. If this gets your kids playing, great. The important thing is that Americans take sports and make them an important part of everyday learning.

I mean, we’ve all seen what happens when people shun sports. They turn into angry, bitter, people-hating Emos, who then materialize into the teacher or professor we can’t help but despise, who then turns into a fat loner that calls the cops on you whenever you turn your TV volume past a certain level, who then becomes the senile old person that frowns at kids whenever they have a smile on their face. Don’t become that person. Don’t let your children become that person. Learn sports, teach sports, become involved. Reading this article is a good start. One more time, you can access the link by clicking here.

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