Attention ladies: Tia Jackson wants you to keep it in perspective

You probably don’t care much about women’s basketball. Which is part of the reason why UW women’s basketball coach Tia Jackson is still employed. No one cares. They don’t care much about the team, the players, the coach, or the fact that the Huskies were embarrassed over the weekend, losing by a combined 105 points to Stanford and California. Were this men’s basketball, Jackson would be on her way out at season’s end, or worse, already gone.

True, there needs to be some level of patience with a new coach (Jackson is in her second year with Washington), but this Husky ballclub is setting the benchmark for futility. Two records were set by the Washington women over the weekend: largest margin of defeat, and lowest-scoring first half. The 77-point loss to Stanford was the largest gap in points scored between the Huskies and any of their opponents in history, while the nine points registered in the first half of the game against Cal was the fewest ever by a UW women’s team. All of which went largely unnoticed by the greater spectrum of Seattle sports fans.

It’s one thing to have a bad day (or bad days, in this case), but it’s a whole ‘nother matter to suck as bad as the Husky women’s basketball team sucks. There’s no getting around the fact that they’re pretty darn terrible right now, and a lot of the blame for that needs to be placed on the coach.

Yesterday, Jackson asked the media (and presumably the fans, as well) to “keep it in perspective,” when discussing the losses over the weekend. Keep what in perspective? The fact that this might be the worst basketball team in school history? That, along with the ’08 football squad, we may be witness to two of the worst UW sports teams ever just happening to play in the same year? Jackson needs to realize that the only reason she still has her job, is that a) she coaches a women’s basketball team that few people pay attention to and b) most Husky sports fans have yet to realize that our women’s hoops team is, in fact, this downright bad. For Tia Jackson, at least, the fans ignorance is her only bliss.

6 thoughts on “Attention ladies: Tia Jackson wants you to keep it in perspective”

  1. We caught the end of the women’s game against Kansas State a couple weeks ago because of the men’s game that was right after and there was some guy in front of us that said, “You know you can make some noise for them too! They are Huskies!” I told him to turn around and said that I’ve never seen him at a Husky baseball game.

    Anyways, yeah the girls stink…

  2. I would love to hear a ‘Fire Tia’ chant from the Dawg Pack at the $UC game.

    UW is traditionally good at women’s sports and this is unacceptable. Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Crew, Softball, Track, Tennis… just to name a few that all made post season play, if not a deep run in the respective sport’s tournament for the past year.

    Sorry Tia, but as a UW women’s sports fan, you have to go.

    She deserves Ty like treatment.

  3. Agreed. It’s unfortunate that more people aren’t paying to attention to the team, for the sheer fact that they need help in ousting the coach. This level of underperformance is beyond unacceptable, and no one appears to notice.

  4. Nine points?! Nine points?! No wonder the marketing staff is bribing us with Brandon Roy stuff and pizza…

  5. I disagree. She needs to be given more than 1.5 years as coach. We could go back to June “mediocre” Daugherty, but I would prefer someone with more upside. If the team doesn’t make progress next year and beyond, then go get someone new. Tia has learned under some of the greatest women’s coaches of all time. In addition, as someone who has been to multiple women’s games, I lay more of the problems at the feat of the players. (Cue comments on recruiting)

  6. I’ve been following the women play as long as I’ve been following the men. I went to those women’s games with my dawgpack pass. Lots of free stuff, especially when I participated in halftime every other game…

    Anyway, this year’s team problem has to do with the players. Injuries, not being able to retain most of the players June Daugherty recruited (some stayed for a year then transfered), and being really young.

    If there isn’t progress next year, then we might start looking for someone new…

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