Calabro to host daily radio show on KIRO

With KIRO radio’s transition to pure sports talk in the coming months, the station unveiled perhaps the biggest addition to their new format with the hiring of former Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro as the host of his own daily show. Calabro, who will also double as the play-by-play voice of the Seattle Sounders FC, has spent the past few months calling NBA games for TNT and Westwood One, as well as college basketball games for FSN.

The hiring of Calabro should pull a number of local sports fans away from the only current sports radio station in town, 950 KJR AM. Over the years, Calabro has been a frequent guest on KJR programs and has created a fan base of his own in the process. While some of KJR’s on-air personalities have pulled no punches in their early criticisms of the new KIRO, it will be interesting to see how they respond to the hiring of a friend in Calabro. If anything, this should help gloss the relationship between the competing media outlets.

3 thoughts on “Calabro to host daily radio show on KIRO”

  1. You can’t get any better than Calabro. Until KJR gets rid of Softy, KIRO has little competition in my book.

  2. KJR has the best morning show with Mitch and Softy is a doofus. I don’t like Ian, Groz, or Gas either so if Calabro doesn’t conflict with Mitch, I’ll be more than happy to listen to him.

  3. KJR has been oft-criticized for their sometimes less-than-satisfactory coverage of the local sports scene, but it’s going to be tough for KIRO to draw off that fan base. For one thing, KIRO has adopted a policy (which they’ve had in place for a number of years as a news talk-radio station) in which they refuse to reference alcohol or parts of the body in their advertisements. Interesting, I know. And when you think about it, a large majority of ads on KJR (and any sports station, for that matter) are for such products, be it beer or Viagra-type substances. I guess we’ll be hearing a lot of insurance ads on KIRO.

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