The Top 11: Christnukkazaa gifts that Seattle sports fans want, #1

Our first ten gifts can be found here and here.  Also, we’ve added this week’s poll on our first ten gifts and we’re asking you to choose your favorite. The poll can be found on the left side of your screen in our sidebar. And now here’s our number one Seattle sports-related gift for this holiday season.
1. Clay Bennett brand luggage. So you happen to be going away for awhile. You’re going to need luggage to carry all of your belongings, and Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett wants to help you out. Clay is an expert when it comes to long-distance travel, which is why he has released a new line of luggage featuring his namesake for the holiday season.

Clay Bennett brand luggage is made from the highest quality materials on earth. Whether you’re looking for a briefcase made of albino panda skin, an orca-lined suitcase, or an American bald eagle feather fanny pack, Clay Bennett offers it all. The Clay line will make no sacrifices and cut no corners when it comes to doing what’s best for Clay’s supporters.

And Clay Bennett brand comes in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. Whether you want to tote a laptop or heck, maybe even a whole basketball team, the Clay collection can handle it all!

We’ve surveyed thousands upon thousands of Oklahomans to see how they feel about the new Clay Bennett luggage collection and here’s what they had to say.

Tulsa native Johnnie Rae Jenkins, plumber: “With Clay Bennett, I was able to pack enough luggage for a two-week vacation to visit my aunt and bruncle (brother-uncle) up north. My eight kids and fifteen-year-old wife came too!”

Piedmont native Darby Hootengrass, restaurateur: “Clay Bennett brand luggage helped me pack up my single-wide and move it up the highway to a new spot where I now make my home.”

Fairview native Esther Clumpett, candy shop owner: “At Clumpett’s Candy, we specialize in making fudge. It used to be so difficult for me to transport my fudge to all our locations around the state, but with my new luggage it’s become so much easier. Now I’m able to take as much fudge from store to store as I want. With Clay Bennett, fudgepacking has never been so easy! Thank you, Clay!”

You see! Clay Bennett brand luggage can do it all! Don’t miss out on the number one gift for this holiday season. Act now and Clay Bennett luggage can be yours!

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