Vote for Seattle on ESPN’s Page 2

The Page 2 section of is currently asking which city’s football fans have it the worst right now. The choices are as follows:

Seattle (Seahawks/Huskies)
Detroit (Lions/Wolverines)
Kansas City (Chiefs/K-State Wildcats)
Bay Area (Raiders/Stanford Cardinal)

And right now Seattle is losing! Come on, this should be something we can finally win! So far, Detroit has pulled in 64% of the vote to Seattle’s 32%. This is a joke, we’re way worse than this!

For instance, Detroit’s teams are a combined 3-18 to Seattle’s 2-18. Secondly, Detroit’s teams have crippled themselves with horrible leadership and bad decision making. The Hawks and Huskies have mostly been done in by bad, bad luck. We have no control over our destiny while Detroit does. It’s not our fault we suck.

So CLICK HERE to go to Page 2 and vote for Seattle right now!

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