Beyond Seattle: I didn’t know you couldn’t do that.

So Donovan McNabb found out that games can end in a tie over the weekend, and ESPN is trying their hardest to turn this into news. Attention media: this isn’t news. The last NFL tie was six years ago and I guarantee you it’s not on ESPN Classic. Ties are supposed to be relegated to soccer and Europe. Ties should be on Homeland Security’s watchlist under “things that should never penetrate our borders.” And yet in the very sport to top all American sports, we had a tie on Sunday, a “Euro victory,” if you will. Ridiculous.

Does the media hate all black quarterbacks, or is it just McNabb? Keep in mind, McNabb is the guy who raised this issue when ESPN’s Rush Limbaugh Experiment backfired and Rush said some things about black quarterbacks (especially McNabb) that he probably now regrets. It seems like any time McNabb does something that could even remotely be construed as dumb, the media is there to make an example out of him and his actions.

Did you know that Frank Gore couldn’t read when until he got to college? Yeah, it’s true, but you don’t hear the media making a big deal out of it the way they do with McNabb’s blunders. “We’re here reporting live today at The Keg, where Niners running back Frank Gore just had trouble with the word ‘salisbury,’ which probably dates back to his days at Miami when he couldn’t read, yet somehow managed to get through university courses…” It’s things like this we should be covering.

The only time I’ve heard about Gore’s illiteracy was a few years ago (I think it might have been during the ’02 Fiesta Bowl, when Maurice Clarett ran free for the last time) during an in-game halftime special. Whichever network was broadcasting the special turned it into a sentimental, Lifetime-type story, complete with the sad piano playing, sepia camera tones, and interviews with the little people who taught Gore the alphabet. And yet nobody ever questioned how Gore got into a major college and passed a few classes before literacy kicked in. Amazing.

Anyways, McNabb’s ignorance on ties is irrelevant. Everyone should be ignorant about ties. Ties are dumb. If the world revolved around ties, then we’d all be Communist. Think about that the next time you watch soccer.

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