Tomorrow’s posts and letter to our readers

Just to let you all know, tomorrow afternoon we’ll be posting villains 6-2 in our Top 11 countdown, along with a poll shortly thereafter on your choice for “most villainized” amongst the group. Our #1 villain will appear on Monday in a special feature. We’re going to play out that sequence for the Top 11 for the foreseeable future, with the initial 11-7 grouping on Thursday each week (even though the first edition came out last Wednesday), the 6-2 group appearing on Sunday, and the #1 on our list being specially featured on Monday.

Also tomorrow, we’ll have an article up on the Mariners and what they should with Ichiro Suzuki, in case any of you are interested in that.

Finally, our site is currently unsearchable through standard search engines (such as Google and Yahoo) but that should be changing in the next couple days. Of course, by typing in the full URL ( you can reach our page whenever you like, but it’s still difficult for outsiders to find us. So make sure you keep telling your friends to check us out and be sure to check back each day yourself. We really appreciate the response we’ve received so far from all the loyal followers and, as we’ve said before, we want this site to be a reflection of you, the fans. So if there’s anything you want to see or see more of, changes you want made, or topics you want addressed, don’t hesitate to email us with your questions or concerns and we’ll do our best to take care of it. Thanks again for sticking with us for the first few days, and look forward to more good times ahead.

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