Could we see Mike Vick in a Hawks uniform?

With Michael Vick announcing today that he fully expects to play football next season after his release from prison, NFL fans everywhere have to be wondering whether their team will be the one to give the former Falcon a shot. So that got me thinking about the possibility of Vick becoming a Seahawk. Before you shoot this theory down “because the Hawks don’t sign players with character issues,” allow me to present two reasons why this possibility could turn into reality.

Point of Evidence #1: Our new head coach, is Vick’s old head coach. That’s right Seahawk fans! The Jim Mora, Jr. era begins in just a few short months, and what better way to kick that era off than by reuniting former coach with former player! Beyond the familiarity factor, keep in mind that Mora ran a system tailor-made for Vick’s abilities, complete with bootlegs, QB keepers, and option sweeps. That’s not something we’ll be seeing anytime soon with Matt Hasselbeck under center. While Mora probably doesn’t want to step on management’s toes, I’d be surprised if the subject of Vick wasn’t brought up at least once or twice in conversation.

Point of Evidence #2: Matt Hasselbeck’s back. Back injuries don’t go away as easily as many people might think. Just ask one-time Hall of Fame candidate David Wells, who spent five years too many in the MLB, laboring through the last half-decade of his pitching career with herniated discs. Now by no means am I saying that Hasselbeck is done or washed up at this point in his career; he’s only 33 years old after all. But a backup plan needs to be in place in case these back issues don’t go away.

Why not draft a quarterback, you ask. Well that might work, but the Hawks can’t take a shot on an early-rounder, because at that point they’d be making a solid commitment to the future. And who knows, if Hasselbeck comes back 100% healed, there’s a good chance he has five solid years left, putting the Hawks and their high-profile pick in an interesting situation.

So what about a late-round pick? It’s a possibility, but the Hawks tried this a few years back with former Georgia standout David Greene and ended up cutting Greene before he could displace Seneca Wallace as the number two option. Low-risk, but low-reward.

All of this leaves Vick as very intriguing option for coaches everywhere to ponder. And the Seahawks coaching staff should give this some considerable thought before passing it off as nonsense. Vick will likely command a minimum salary and be signed with very strict stipulations to which he must abide. He will undoubtedly be a backup for a year before seeing any playing time (unless the Lions have their way). If you don’t want him in Seattle, not to worry. There’s a 31/32 chance he won’t make it this far North. But there’s always that 1/32 chance…

One thought on “Could we see Mike Vick in a Hawks uniform?”

  1. Well I think if Seattle goes forward with a ban on pit bulls, then welcome to Seattle Mr. Vick. I really believe if this does happen, the Seahawks need to have a Bring Your Dawg to A Seahawks Game Day…OH YEAH!

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