Turn This Rally Fry Slogan Into A Sign And I’ll Come High-Five You At The M’s Game Tonight (aka Longest Headline Ever)

"It's okay, Chuck. I hear the PTBNL has some real talent. And those rally fries weren't working anyways."

Because frankly, I’m too lazy to do it myself. I also have no artistic talent. Yes, I was the jackass that pawned off all my elementary school group art projects on a girl.

Anyways, here you go:

“Chuck Armstrong traded my Rally Fries for a player to be named later.”

Please design and enjoy.

If you can somehow work in one of these :( that would be even better.

If you can get this thing up at tonight’s game, I’ll come find you and we’ll chill for a bit. I’ll spot you, don’t worry. There will only be like 25 or 26 of us in attendance.

One response

  1. Love it. Promise you I will bring this sign next game I attend. My paper bag mask reading ‘believe small’ was a big hit last week.

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