Top 11: All-Time Most Popular Posts

Like a flashback episode in the middle of a grueling TV season, we’re attempting to carry ourselves through a lazy Sunday with this countdown of Seattle Sportsnet’s most popular posts in our 14-month history.

If you’ve never read these 11 articles before, chances are you’ll get a good sampling of our best work.

And if you have read them, take some time to revisit past memories.

Without further ado, on to the list.

11. Mississippi State’s Jarvis Varnado, the Second Coming of Jesus

(Original print date: Mar. 17, 2009)

Detailing the otherworldly exploits of Mississippi State basketball player Jarvis Varnado, this Chuck Norris-esque personal profile gave Husky fans something to smile about, while bringing out the worst in the MSU faithful.

Two days after this article ran, Washington beat Mississippi State in the first round of the ’09 NCAA Tournament.

10. Manatee sinks Pirates’ ship

(Original print date: Apr. 4, 2009)

A brief snippet recapping the Pittsburgh Pirates’ unheard of loss to a junior college baseball team, this article with little to no relevance to almost anything has gained popularity through search terms. Googlers have found their way to this post by searching “manatee” and “sea cow.”

Winner of the Most Random Post On This List Award.

9. Erin Andrews Nude Video Scandal Has God Accepting Thank-You Cards

(Original print date: Jul. 20, 2009)

Highlighting how most of us with penises really felt about the Erin Andrews video scandal, this honest depiction of the invasion on Andrews’ personal life recapped the events of Peepholegate.

8. Erin Andrews Video Scandal An Indictment On System Of Double-Standards

(Original print date: Jul. 23, 2009)

Attempting to explain the nature of the business surrounding Andrews and her corresponding scandal, this article had me labeled a “dickwad” and a “moron” from a crazy lady who runs one of those self-righteous “all about society” blogs. Hey lady, it’s been six months. Have you pulled the stick out yet?

7. More fun with the ASU photo album

(Original print date: Feb. 24, 2009)

With special thanks to Dawg Pack Dirt diggers Aaron Bean and Nate Taggart for unearthing this visual gem, the photo in question reveals Arizona State basketball player Jerren Shipp in a room with a transvestite and an ornate bong. There are no words that can truly do this image justice.

6. Nicole Zaloumis on maternity leave

(Original print date: Apr. 28, 2009)

Weeks before it was revealed that Zaloumis was, in fact, off to have a baby, we brought readers news of the FSN analyst’s imminent absence from your TV sets with this article. Special thanks to our anonymous Nicole Zaloumis insider for bringing us the news.

5. Ladies of Seattle: Sportscaster Edition

(Original print date: Mar. 6, 2009)

The story that ignited the Nicole Zaloumis frenzy by all you perverts out there, this breakdown of Seattle’s female sportscasters gave an equitable look at the women who bring you the daily sports news in our area.

4. Jake Heaps to BYU? Bad choice

(Original print date: Jun. 4, 2009)

An article that ruffled the feathers of insane BYU football fans, this off-the-cuff reaction to Jake Heaps’ collegiate decision stirred up controversy from here to Provo.

3. Top 11: Pickup Ballers We Love To Hate

(Original print date: Mar. 12, 2009)

One of three articles that was picked up by, this list of the recreational basketball players you don’t want to get stuck playing with helped solidify SSN’s reputation as a unique fan-oriented website.

2. Top 11: Sports Fans We Love To Hate, Part II

(Original print date: May 28, 2009)

A follow up to the original “Sports Fans We Love To Hate,” this list gave every fan out there 11 more people to revile at games.

1. Top 11: Sports Fans We Love To Hate

(Original print date: Mar. 1, 2009)

The article that really put us on the map, this list was our first piece to be linked to by From there, it was reproduced a number of times on message boards and fan websites, and in the process became SSN’s most-read story of all-time.

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