Nicole Zaloumis Has Spawned A Boy

nicolezaloumis3Received an email today from a member of the Zaloumis family informing us that FSN analyst Nicole Zaloumis and her husband, professional baseball player Michael Jones (Who?! Mike Jones!), recently became proud parents of a baby boy. Here’s the context of the email:

“On 09-09-09 at 6:49 am — FSN Announcer Nicole Zaloumis Jones & Michael Jones delivered a beautiful baby boy (Michael David Jones, Jr.)  the day after AAA Nashville Sounds pitcher dad arrived home for the season. Baby arrived 2 weeks early and was just under 7 lbs. – 20-1/2 in. long. Both are doing fine.”

We wish Nicole and Michael the very best as they enter into parenthood together, and look forward to Nicole’s return on television. Thanks to Sarah for passing along the info.

Also, for most of you out there who would undoubtedly make the reference in the comments section anyways, the answer is yes, this does officially bump Nicole Zaloumis up to MILF status. Carry on.

7 responses

  1. Funny thing. I am a bagger at a Kirkland grocery store, and I bagged for her a few months ago one night. She really had no signs of a bump at all. Granted, she was wearing her FSN jacket, but I did not suspect at all that she was pregnant. I was more focused on the fact that I was less than a foot away from Nicole Zaloumis! But congrats to her and her husband!

  2. MILF? Crude, rude, and socially unacceptable. Oh, that’s right, anything is acceptable these days. Especially from the safety of the Internet.

  3. Get up off your high horse, Mizcatt! It would be one thing if he didn’t use the acronym and actually said MOM I’D LIKE TO FUCK, but give it up you asshole.

  4. It was crude, rude, and socially unacceptable and I am by no means a prude dude. Congrats to Nicole and family. Bernie M is a little slow and is overcompensating for some shortcomings. We all know his type. Have another beer Bernie and don’t feel too bad that you are not married to a MILF. Your wife must have run out of options when she married you.

  5. I actually got her preo in college

  6. mizcatt :
    MILF? Crude, rude, and socially unacceptable. Oh, that’s right, anything is acceptable these days. Especially from the safety of the Internet.

    milf is a compliment. don’t cry so much. This isn’t the 50’s, sexual repression isn’t a thing anymore. Look how well that’s going in the middle east and catholic church. ignorance is bliss.

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